Healing Through Poetry—God’s Dynamic Poems for the Family by Jospeh S. Spence, Sr. | Book Review | Easter 2019

Healing Through Poetry

Title: Healing Through Poetry
Author: Mary Ann Duhart, USA
Publisher: Publish America
Year: 2008
Pages: 64
ISBN: 1606727702

Reviewer: Joseph. S. Spence, Sr.

Mary Duhart is the author of twelve religious’ books of poetry, and resides in California. This poetry book by her entitled, “Healing Through Poetry,” is spiritually fulfilling for all to read. Her inspiring style of poetry is uplifting. She uses real moments of trials and tribulations to bring awareness to readers regarding the negative side of life that will test the patience and temperament of the soul.

She quotes, “Psalm 107:20” (King James Version, Page 987), regarding God sending out His word and healing people from their destruction. This is the starting point for this book as follows:

He sends his words and healed them and
Delivered them from their destruction. (Page 3).

This spiritually uplifting book is packed with God’s dynamic words and real-world situations most everyone can identify with.

Her style of writing has a variety of poetic forms, which articulates her words in the acrostic, freeform styles, and others. Her words are enlightening! For example, the book starts with her signature poem “Healing Through Poetry” (Page 11). She uses this poem to enunciate words prescribed by the Lord to find healing. The poem “Thank You, God, for Listening,” is a great dedication written in the anaphora’s style, as follows:

Thank you, God, for Listening—when men don’t seem to care

Thank you, God, for Listening—I know you’re always there

Thank you, God, for Listening—In the stillness of the night

Thank you, God, for Listening—I know you will make things right

Thank you, God, for Listening—I know you always care. (Page 14).

She expresses her thanks to God for listening to her prayers. Her act of reverence is very inspiring. She made her poems more understandable with various poetry forms and styles.

The poem, “God Can” (Page 22), is reassuring to the soul. It’s wonderful to know that God can do anything, and we are to hold onto His unchanging hands. There is no other way to receive everlasting peace but from God the Creator. The poem “My Pastor and Father” (Page 25), is very special. These are selected words from the poem:

You are a special father placed here in my life

You have placed us all upon your heart

On this special day I give accolades to you

So, here’s a special poem written just for you. (Page 25).

It renders accolades unto God as the right action to undertake, especially when one is struggling to make it through the valley of darkness to the hill top of salvation. She articulates her testimony with such reverence in this poem, thus, showing that God really can and will.

The pages of this book, while brimming with uplifting words, are also loaded with refreshing examples of great wisdom for everyone to read and meditate on. Surely, the essence of the book’s theme is sacred in nature. The words demonstrate her faith which she practices on a daily basis. This is shown in the acrostic poem “Let It Go” (Page 41) as follows:

Learning how-to walk-in love

Entering a level, we know not of

Trusting n our Lord and Savior

Interceding on the behalf of others

Totally surrendering all hurts to our savior

Growing in Grace moment by moment

Overlooking the faults of one another. (Page 41).

In this poem she addresses the issue of walking in love and interceding on the behalf of others. Her words are refreshing and stimulating regarding letting go of bad thoughts and grudges, thus, filling one’s heart with God’s love!

She ends this book of reverence to God with her philosophy regarding challenges in life. Duhart brings this to life by showing how she really cares about her family, and how she saves them from harm and danger with the love of God. Unlike others, who turn their backs and walk away from loved ones, she stands and faces the fire to save their souls. She is such a wonderful mother and keeper of the burning flame of grace in her quest of saving souls for her Lord. Her commentary at the end of this gracious book speaks to her commitment:

When faced with the challenges of life

I find healing through writing

Words of comfort hope, and encouragement

Strength comes from my mother heart

I know God will get the glory and

I will share Hid story. (Page 64).

Without reading this book of healing through poetry, one will never enjoy the uplifting journey awaiting the soul with such inspiring words from an awesome child of Creator, Mary Duhart!

Joseph S. Spence


Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of three poetry books, and inventor of, “Epulaeryu Poetry” form and style. His writings have appeared in national and international forums such as: journals, anthologies, newspapers and the U. S. Army. He has taught at Bryant and Stratton University, and retired from the U.S. Army as an officer. He is a Goodwill Ambassador, and has received many poetry awards including: Poetry Ambassador’s Medal; Poetry Bard; Independent Poet Laureate, and Who’s Who in Poetry. He is also a member of various National and International Scholastic Honor Societies, and may be contacted at: jspence078@gmail.com.