Four Poems from Rick Davis | PAROUSIA Magazine


They have banished God,
Deciding that God is too Holy
To be part of this world

They have decided
That God does not
Belong with the

They have driven
God out of the garden –
God’s home
And secluded
God to prayer
And meditation –
To sanctuaries
And the home
Of monks.

They have sentenced
The Creator to exile
And have locked
Creation in a
Frigid prison

And God pleads
“Let me re-enter
My garden
Where I found
Laughter and
Delight” –

When it all began.


Animals are not
Amazed by the
Twilight stars
And ephemeral angels,

But, we bridge
Heaven to earth.

We alone
Can view the
Whirling world’s
Life and beauty.

We alone,
Who are beyond
Spirit and body,

The two.


The tree says
“I am here,”
And nothing more.

We ponder –
“No, I have given you
A name.
You are a tree
And so you have
Beauty and a soul

And you look upward
And know
There is something higher –
The One who
Brings me into

And so humankind
Goes on to bring
All of creation
To it’s knees.

We accomplish
What angels


Sometimes people do
Much good
But with pessimism
Because the world
Is so discouraging.

They do good,
But without
Love and Light,
How can it last?

We should remember
That the world is not
A dark harsh place,
But a garden,

And not just any
Garden, but
God’s garden,
Filled with fruit
Beauty and wonderful
Fragrances –

A place where God
Chooses to reside.

If the taste
Is bitter,
It is because
We must first
Peel away the
Outer skin

Moving towards
The core

Where we find
Fresh sweet

*These poems are based on the words of Menachem Schnnerson (the “Rebbe).