“Crazy” Friendship! by Mary Joy Orola | PAROUSIA Magazine

Allen handed the book over to her as she with undivided attention was engrossed in the laptop in front of her.

What is this? she asked, barely looking up at one of her closest buddy.

Take a look and stop acting all foreign. She shot him a sharp rebuking look and then flipped through the pages of the book he gave her with an almost nonchalant attitude. And …

Really?! She said in a whisper as she looked through the pages.

”Really?” Is that all you can say? ”Really?!” I got your defense all done for you, something you have been struggling to do for the past 3 weeks, promising yourself to get it printed out at your Departmental head’s office but have not been given the chance. You got it on a platter of gold and all you could say is “Really”?

I’m sorry Al, it’s just that I am kind of occupied and more so wasn’t expecting you to waste two thousand naira on it. I told you I was going to do it today at the office.

Are you kidding me right now? This is unbelievable! You need these papers 7am tomorrow and this is 4pm Kate, 4pm yet your so called departmental head is sticking his butt to the equipment like his life depends on it, not giving you a chance. You know for yourself that till eternity, he will not grant you the permission but your ‘faith’ will always ‘wait’ as you always say. Well, dear friend, I say that is foolishness not faith. Faith is not used to get free things all the time, it is needed to also make right decisions.

Come on Al. You are all about lecturing me right now. I am sorry. It’s just that I wanted to prove to him that he doesn’t have to be stingy and uptight on things.

You cannot prove that to a man, especially one without an inkling of moral standard, let alone righteous standard. A man will always defend his ego and get away with anything once he has the authority. Since you have been saying that you will get it done at his office, have you been able to?

She shook her head in negation.

I am surprised at this your attitude. He said with soberness.

I’m sorry Al and I am so grateful. Thank you so much dear friend. I am sooooooo glad! Why didn’t you tell me about it?

No bothers. What are friends for if not to assist each other. He winked. And the last I checked, surprises are not supposed to be mentioned, right, especially to the person involved? He reiterated with an attitude.

Not at all, dear friend. So, did you borrow it? Please tell me.

Do you really want to know?

Yes I do, she answered with much anticipation.

Well, em…

Come on Al, I won’t kill you. Just tell me who you borrowed it from.

I did not actually borrow it.

Uhun…where did you get it then?

Em, from … your monthly contribution!

He blurted it out and started moving farther away from her.

Excuse me?! What did you just say?

You heard me.

AL! She screamed at the top of her lungs. How could you do this? You know what I was saving that money for.

I’m sorry. I can’t watch you suffer when you have the means to end your suffering. Live one day at a time, trusting in God.

But why didn’t you tell me or use your own money, AL????!!!

Because you won’t allow me; and then, it is your cross and you have to carry it by faith.

AL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She screamed as she gave him a wild chase.