Two poems from Confidence Amaka Chukwuedu| PAROUSIA Magazine


They call her a female.
For she seems weak and little in their sight.
But she is queenly enamel,
that decorates everything that has light.

Stuck in ocean with rigid males,
she swarms with all her might.
Not for competition but to ring her bell,
that she was made in God’s delight.

Many and many a time like this,
they denied her right and goal.
And nothing left but remedies,
when she had lost her control

Give her the light due to her right.
And watch her leap and run.
Away from intimidating sights.
Unto a perfect day sun.

The Elder Brother
All that the father has is yours
you rage for a brother once lost
whom the father accepted in the beloved
Why do prefer that he be gone?

You sat down whining
you choose to smile rarely
you are indeed loosing
you look sad daily

Unhappy for the brother
who was kept at locks
but came back from the border
Welcomed by your grimaced looks

(This poem was inspired from the story of the prodigal son and the elder brother in the book of Luke chapter 15)



Confidence Amaka Chukwuedu hails from South Eastern part of Nigeria. She studied Science Educaion/Biology and is currently rounding off with a Master’s degree program in Educational Psychology. She loves Jesus and believes that life is not just ephemeral and transient but also a temporary assignment and should be lived purposefully.