HELLO PRIDE by Mary Joy Orola | PAROUSIA Magazine


I learnt that if I argue a lot, even if I am right,
Then I am baptized by you;

I learnt that if I always want to explain myself,
I am anointed by you;

I was also told that if I don’t get along with people or
feel I am not understood,
you are the one sitting on my two shoulders;

I learnt also that if I like proving things a lot, even if I back it up
with bible verses or spiritual vibes,
You are my inspiration;

I also read it myself that your travelling companions
and best buddies are humiliation and destruction.

I have been advised, even warned that if I want to go far,
I should let you go by;

*allowing the Holy Spirit lead me at all times;

*not being defensive but accepting wrong if it comes to that;

not thinking highly of myself, either on spiritual matters
or any human endeavor;

*caring for others;

*not desiring to have the final say;

*not assuming or presuming things;

I don’t have to say much or explain to you; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Henceforth, our relationship is over because MERCY has located me. I know you will not want to leave me be easily but I receive GRACE for HUMILITY to be wrought inside of me.

This state is where I desire to live in, NOW, in the year 2019 and beyond.