The lover of my Soul by Tralone Lindiwe Khoza | Christmas Cascade Issue 9 | PAROUSIA Magazine

PAROUSIA Magazine Christmas Cascade Issue 9

I am scared to write new words


I am scared to write new, delicate words

Which pounce the young ones of this generation.

Imagine if I were to use my words indignantly at them.

Words that are sharpened against the blazing sun

To eradicate hatred and making it formless

Beyond where the ink can reach.

Where the countenance of the words magnify the sender

I am scared to write words filled with solemn promises

Of our justice in the path where life has ceased and nothing grows.

 I am scared to write words that can change us to better people

Words that spring up with new ideas

That can challenge our confusion and free us from the poverty of the spirit.

I am scared to write new and delicate words.

In case I lose them.

But  I choose write new words everyday

Christ in me , the hope of glory.

The lover of my Soul


Effortlessly caught in a societal web of misconceptions,

I was never taught to search for love within me.

Tainted and stained by unfruitful encounters

With their crocodile smiles, and cold embraces

Those whose names remain nameless….!

What I know now, yesterday may be lost but,

Love exists in me like tapestries of infinite pearls.

She is entwined to my soul

As a Lioness pride is with her cubs.

I became a fisherwoman that has thrown her emancipated net into the deep.

I was downtrodden by the scars of my life.

I was deceived with lies told by sharks that plague in distant spaces.

Who told me, there is no place for you here?

What I know now, today matters.

What I know now, now is the time

Love exists in me like tapestries of infinite pearls.

She is entwined to my soul

As a Lioness pride is with her cubs.

The unspoken has lead me to this place

I pour my inner most self into you and lay at your feet

You turned my scarlet secret passions into purity.

What I know now, is that you are my Saviour

My hope,

The one true living God,

The Lover of my Soul.


Tralone Lindiwe Khoza


Tralone Lindiwe Khoza is a South African female writer, story teller and written & spoken word poet, born from the dusty street of Daveyton, East of Johannesburg in the eighties.  She describes herself as lover of Life writing and she is passionate about changing the state of South Africa’s creative industry.   She holds a BA Communications degree a post graduate Diploma in Marketing.

She is a qualified Marketing Specialist by profession In South Africa, She writers for various online blogs both locally and internationally on various topics. She is the International Coordinator for Woman Scream in South Africa  an international movement – aimed at combating and raising awareness of violence against women through a number of cultural activities that includes a long chain of poetic and artistic events globally.

Her first book, Lindiwe The voice amongst the eagles  will be published early 2018, is a collective of poems which  depicts Lindiwe’s journey from, early childhood to her adult life , and  triumphing  against all odds, it also address the socio-political issues in South Africa.