Pain Relief by Olatubosun David | Christmas Cascade Isue 9 | PAROUSIA Magazine

PAROUSIA Magazine Christmas Cascade Issue 9


Pain Relief

Only the eye-witness
The very soul bereft of the paradise bliss
The mouth that chewed the apple of death
Can of truth, tell the true tale of loss

But surely I can tell of my own experience
Of the consequences of disobedience
Tell of my enduring pains
In the face of my sacrifices and fat of rams

My anguish and despondency
When the death of my loved ones
Stung my nostalgic memory
Then song of sorrow suited my solace
And tears suppressed my appetite and thirst 

I can tell a tale of how a terrible hunger
Muffled my face and coerced me
To graze on grass like hungry cattle
While I lived amidst of abundance

I surely can tell my story
The terror, hunting my soul, day and night
Thorns that adorned my path of peace
The torture by my supposed loyalist
Who lured me to flout order of love
And how feeble I was to cope

For I was the very soul bereft of the paradise bliss
I was the greedy eye-witness gripped by lust of the eyes
I was the defiant glutton telling the story of loss
But I am also the dead soul
Rescued from the grave of perverted life
Through the birth of Life that rebirth me into new life
I am the man that lost all in Eden
But regained all by the story of the Manger
Therefore let the bell ring!
Let the drum also roll!

Let celebration begin!
Herald the birth of Life that gives light!
Celebrate the Light that dispels darkness!
No more loss! No more tears!
No more shall death brag at me!

Olatunbosun David on Parousia Magazine.



Olatubosun David is a Nigeria writer and poet. A graduate of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State (2013), in Office Technology and Management.
Currently works as a confidential secretary in the department of Mathematical Sciences, Achievers University, Owo. Ondo-State, Nigeria.