A KING IS BORN by Olaniyi Ololade Moses | Christmas Cascade Issue 9 | PAROUSIA Magazine

PAROUSIA Magazine Christmas Cascade Issue 9



When the universe  wears the garment of darkness,
Men become  tipsy – drunk with the lust of the world.  
The world becomes an ambit of evil, of chaos
and of fleeting shadows that hover at night.
There’s a voice from the wilderness, saying  “a king is born,
a king is born” he’s a sun among sons. A king is born,
He’s the giver of life. A king is born, he’s a magic for
darkness. A king is born, he’s the convener of joy
And the source of salvation to this world of doom.
A king is born, he has a glittering crown of glory.
A king is born, he holds a scepter of mercy.
A king is born, he wears the garment of love.
A king is born, he knows how to tame the winds.
A king is born, he knows the language of water.
A king is born, he knows the mystery of the sea.
A king is born, he holds the world in his hand!



When I begin to wither like rose,
Scorched by the fierce  sun, beatened
by the rain. When I begin to crumble
like a broken wall with millions of crevix;
When my life do not hold life again,
was it not you, who was there for me?
I    M     M    A    N     U    E     L,
I’ll hold your name in my tongue, till the
last word slip from my mouth.
I will proclaim your gospel to the world that
you’re the word in human skin- author of
salvation. I will build a castle for you in my heart
and a city for you in my threshold. I will  convey
your message to the universe of how your  love
redeems, strengthens, and gives light.
Your mercy flows  like River  Jordan.
 I will tell the world that you’re the God who is with us!



There is a light in your face
& a map, leading me to the path of life.
Your love breath through my nostrils,
& your words are verses  I recite like nursery rhymes.
You’re the truth I want to know
                   -the psalm I must read at night:
Christ, you’re  a mirror  that reflects tomorrow’s image of love. You’re a fountain
that oozes streams of mercy – a living spring; I taste not to be thirsty.
You’re a mystery
                         – deeper than the depth of the sea.
a mountain wider than the width of the world.
Show me your way,
I want to grow in you:
              Like a lily by the river,
                                          I want to multiply in you like the beginning of genesis.


oloniyi ololade moses


Olaniyi Ololade Moses is a Poet, Fashion designer and a writer, who hails and writes from Omu-Aran, Kwara state, Nigeria. He started writing poetry three years ago, and his poem has been published in Online blogs, magazine and anthologies. 

He is currently an ND 2 student in the department of mass communication, Kwara state polytechnic, Ilorin. He believes someday, his poem and other writings will be used as an instrument of change in Nigeria and Africa at large.