Olubola Alamu interviewed Rev. (Dr.) John O. Idowu in this exclusive interview .

Rev. (Dr.) John O. Idowu is the President of The Name of Jesus Ministries Int’l, and the Senior Pastor of Jesus Chapel with its headquarters in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti Stae, Nigeria. He has a prophetic ministry to the body of Christ with an apostolic grace to plant churches across nations around the world.

He is the author of the christian books digitally published by PAROUSIA – An Imprint of ALAKOWE which are available for purchase on Amazon and Okadabooks.

Breaking Off Limits by John O Idowu


Question 1:

Can you tell me about your background and growing up sir?

John O. Idowu:

I was born on November 27th 1954 at Omu-Aran General Hospital but a native of Ijara-Isin in Isin Local Government Area of Kwara State. Next to the place of my birth is my mother’s home town, Oke-Onigbin and it is also an adjacent town to my father’s home town. I had a godly prayerful mother (now late) whose four (4) of her six (6) children became ministers of the gospel with successful careers in different vocations.

I finished my secondary school education at Igbomina Baptist Grammar School Isanlu-Isin where we became the first set to do WAEC in June instead of December thus shortening our Secondary School Education by six months. I spent 4 and half years in all.

I was selected as the student of the year in 1973 graduating as the best in character and academic. I proceeded to do an Higher School Certificate (HSC)- the last set in Kwara State (HSC was cancelled) at Government Secondary School, Ilorin between 1973-1975. I returned to my Mission Secondary School in 1975 as a Science Teacher and an House master (1975-1976)

I had my first degree from the then University of Ife now Obafemi Awolowo University in 1980 where I obtained a second class upper division in Geology. I obtained the ELF prize award as best stratigraphy graduate that year. I served my NYSC at the University of PortHarcourt in 1980-1981 where I lectured as a Graduate Assistant (NYSC) until I returned to Kwara State to decide furthering my career after a brief work. I went further to obtain an Msc. in Petroleum Geology at the University of Ibadan in 1983. I worked for a while before going back based on a vision I had that God would have me go back to academic to finally enroll for a PhD in a new field of Petroleum Geochemistry. I was awarded a research fellowship in University of Oklahoma, Norman U.S.A (a trip sponsored by NNPC) in November 1987 to enable me complete a research on the petroleum potential of some northeastern Nigerian basins.

I returned to take a lecturing job at the former Ondo State University (Now Ekiti State University) in March 1988 and was also a consultant few times to shell Oil Company.

In 1995, I was granted a sabbatical leave for one year but as I was praying about my planned trip the Lord gave me a passage I have never read.

Psalms 27:23-27

23 Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds.

24 For riches are not for ever: and doth the crown endure to every generation?

25 The hay appeareth, and the tender grass sheweth itself, and herbs of the mountains are gathered.

26 The lambs are for thy clothing, and the goats are the price of the field.

27 And thou shalt have goats’ milk enough for thy food, for the food of thy household, and for the maintenance for thy maidens.

When I read that, I had enough common sense to know that my career was over. This was the peak of my career. My sabbatical year would have earned me double salary- one in Nigeria and another abroad but I chose to withdraw my service and put in my resignation June 1995 at 41 years of age to enter into full-time ministry pioneering an assignment of heaven in a land where no stranger was ever excited to stay.

My research on petroleum potential of Benue and Chad Basin had won me the Nigerian Minning and Geosciences NMGS 1st Prize award in 1988 and another 3rd Prize in 1992. Within one year of resignation, the Lord gave me such a favour that one of my little monographs earned an equivalent of 8 years lecturer’s salary in one day.


Jesus Understanding The Mystery And Power Of His Name by John O Idowu

Question 2:

Can you tell me about your ministerial work Sir?

John O. Idowu:

Every authentic apostolic calling must derive its pattern from JESUS- the first class apostle. The word ‘apostle’ is from the greek word “apostolos” which means “sent one”. Jesus was sent by the father.

Matthew 9:35

And Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people.

Jesus apostolic ministry followed the pattern of teaching, preaching and healing and this summarises my assignment when he sent me to the land of my abode to establish or pioneer a ministry for him. I teach, train and disciple saints so they could do the work of ministry wherever God leads us. I also do itinerant teaching in churches where I have relationship and where the Holy Spirit permits me to go. I have an apostolic mandate with teaching and healing ministry thus my weekly program is hosting School of Wisdom and Healing school with Miracle Services on Sundays. I am also a host of a daily radio teaching titled HOUR OF POWER that cut across states in Nigeria and a telecast DIVINE ENCOUNTERS aired in various TV channels across Nigeria and on satellite TV channels. These programs are sponsored through the faithful partnership of our Gospel Advancement Partners.

The best way to perpetuate a calling is through a writing ministry and thus by the grace of God my wife {Rev (Mrs.) Mary Idowu} and I  both working in full time ministry have authored more than fifty-five (55) published works with many other in-house work as unpublished monographs.

We had a burden almost a decade ago to start building Primary and Secondary schools of international standard so that we could harvest the present day youth for the Lord. So with divine help we established one of the best international school (Seed of Grace International College) in Ado Ekiti and (Graceland Primary School) both within 200 plots of land the Lord gave to our ministry

We are privileged to raise children up in the fear of the Lord with the experiences we had in lives


Question 3:

From your book “Jesus: understanding the mystery and power of His name”, I gathered that you have been a Christian leader since you were an ‘A’ level student. Were there particular experiences that you would say that God used during those times to prepare you for the gospel ministry?

John O. Idowu:

In one of my books “Keys to Divine Health and Healing” I related a similar encounter which I will like to state here. Again as a born again Christian without the baptism of the Holy Ghost, my hunger for spiritual growth compelled me to attend an indoor revival meeting during the end of the year break. It was held in December, 1974 at Omu- Aran, a town in Kwara State of Nigeria. To my greatest surprise, I started to hear the authoritative voice of the Holy Spirit, while I bowed my head in prayer with many others at the meeting. A minister was leading the prayer session. As I relate this story here, the Lord reminds me that I was born in a hospital in that town, though I am not from the town. The biggest hospital in our locality then was located in that town. The voice said “GO AND PRAY FOR HIM!” I knew what  the voice was referring  me to . At that time I sensed or felt rather that someone had connected one of my legs to the leg of a middle-aged man who was also praying behind me at the next row of benches. I also felt a gentle pull of the chain as if drawing him towards me. Then I opened my eyes to see what was on my leg but there were no visible chains. I then knew that the voice would like me to pray for the man. I did not think a voice could be so real as to talk to an inexperienced born again Baptist boy like me without first introducing himself and sending me as you will do to a familiar person. Christian books were rarely in circulation then; I mean teaching, spirit-filled books that could enlighten us about all these! I decided to open my eyes to see who was talking so loudly and authoritatively to me. I was surprised that the Christians beside me were praying quietly as if they did not hear the voice, yet the authoritative and loud voice of the Holy Ghost came again saying the same thing. Could this be a form of hallucination? I was shocked beyond words to hear a man’s voice commanding me to do something- pray for an unknown person? I was too inexperienced to imaging that a bible experience like that of young Samuel could be speaking inside of my human spirit. It looked so audible to me. I left that meeting in fear and told one of my christian mates in the ‘A’ level. I wished I knew better but even at that, the experience made God so real to me and strengthened me for what I am doing today in the ministry.

Samuel had a mentor and a Spiritual father who helped him to respond to God when he called. He could have missed the best of God.

I left this meeting without praying or responding to the authoritative voice of the Holy Ghost. The Lord knew I would not be bold or experienced enough to understand and act on his dealings in my life but the encounter left an indelible mark in my heart. I don’t know how to explain it to you. It made God real to me from the age of 20. It raised my level of commitment and consecration even when I did not know that God was preparing me for a global ministry.

Around 1982, I had another major encounter with the person of the Holy Spirit. It was at a meeting when a minister leading the congregation to pray, called the sick to the altar and asked the congregation to stretch their hands to them in prayer. A very powerful liquid electricity flowed out jagging my hand vigorously. I knew when it came and I felt it so different. My nature became sensitized that I could lay my hand on the sick or move near them and tell what organ in their body was diseased and to what extent. It will be as if their infirmities were laid on me for a moment. It was as if my spirit was identifying with their ailments and carrying them for a while.

A strong anointing to heal the sick came upon me one day when a woman with the issue of blood started prophesying about my future and ministry as I anointed her with oil in the name of the Lord. These had happened several times. Many things happened that were too sacred to say. For instance, I have occasionally seen heavy drops of water on my cloth in meeting as if I was been sprinkled. The anointing that fell while I taught the uncompromising word even astounded me.

A day in 1983, I entered my prayer closet to pray and worship. As I lifted my hands, I entered into a downpour of electric-spiritual current jumping like a liquid fire from the ceiling of the room and surging though my whole body. It caused so much vibration and sweetness that I could not leave the location for some time.

As I teach with prophetic inspiration, I started to see the gift of the Spirit creeping out in constant manifestation. Testimonies of healing and miracles left me astounded. No one who truly loves God selflessly can combine the prophetic, teaching, and healing anointing with a secular job. With the manifestation of supernatural power in my ministry, the demand of the ministry started to have a great effect on my work. I could not concentrate! I would be cheating the system and obtaining salaries out of false pretence and low integrity to remain. My heart had left.

Once, I went to shell Nigerian Exploration and Production Company, Warri (Nigeria) to give a lecture on the petroleum potentials of some of Nigeria basins after which I was treated to a dinner at a Chinese Restaurant with an expatriate white man in our midst. I never remembered one word they discussed as I was absent minded. This was great opportunity opening for me in many places and yet I remained cold. Nothing interested me like going back to church to teach and pray for the afflicted. I lost out to the world and to my ambition of becoming the best petroleum consultant and a foremost scientist. Great ideas were crashing.

Paul also experienced the loss of great ambition; hear him


Philippians 2:8

Yea doubtless and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord; for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung that I may win Christ.

Paul implies that his calling in Christ Jesus is the highest calling in the world.

Turning Wisdom To Wealth by John O Idowu (2)

Question 4:

I was amazed to find that you have about thirty books published. How do you get the time to write that much?

John O. Idowu:

That much? I thought you will ask “That little?” I must have published about forty-five books while my wife published about ten on family life, delivery, conception and faith.

The wife of my covenant friend (Rev Mrs. Oyenike Areogun), who is a prophetic vessel once, had a vision of heaven and saw in the book room various books authored by me and her husband. She told me and since then, the Lord had granted me supernatural insight to books am destined to write. This burden of knowing so much and writing so few has been a burden I carry. My prayer is that the two-third of books yet unpublished by me will be written and published by his grace in my life time.

The modern day Turkey is today populated by non- Christians yet that was the site of an ancient Turkey where Paul dictated his message in prison  as a bond servant of Jesus and were it not for a writing ministry, the church of God or the body of Christ would have been an infant. The epistle of Paul written in the prison house was more than half of the gospel. Can you imagine what would have happened to us without them? Indeed the faintest pen is better than the best memory. The best way to perpetuate a truth is through the writing ministry. God bless your establishment.




Question 5:

The opinion is that avid writers are born that way. Would you say that your writing is a special enablement or you were born a writer?

John O. Idowu:

I should think it is both ways. The gift or talent of writing may be in my gene but it is eternal life that enhances it. The Holy Spirit directs what I would write especially when I must have exhausted my pattern of thought. My wife loves writing and also publishes. My sons who pastor our church in United Kingdom have strong pens especially my first son who is practicing Medicine there. Our first daughter who lectures English in a London University often told me of the admiration she received from her academic mentors.

I once had a night vision after I stopped writing for a while where a spiritual negative entity challenged me with an accusation. She looked like a 25 years old and held a book of a well known man of God in her hand. She asked why the language I use in writing is tough on them and his own is gentle. I told her it was my destiny to write that way. So I knew it was my destiny to write that way. So I knew it was a spiritual assignment I was doing to write and as no one robs an empty house, the devil was trying to fight my spiritual enablement so as to frustrate my desires to write. The Spirit of the Lord rekindled my desires and anoints me with fresh oil


Unlocking Your Divine Potential by John O Idowu

Question 6:

What inform your decision to study Petroleum Geochemistry and work in the academia?

John O. Idowu:

I was awarded the Elf oil company prize in stratigraphy at the 1980 graduation of the then University of Ife convocation. I therefore decided that I would major in the area of my great strength. I did NYSC at university of PortHarcourt where because of my result was asked to lecture a year one course of Petroleum Geology for non-science students (I can’t exactly remember the course title). I enjoyed myself lecturing through microphone to such a number of students. The university had someone to be trained in U.K to do PhD in my field so they suggested that I should take another field which I turned down and ended my service without getting their job. So, I had to sponsor myself for a Masters Degree at the University of Ibadan hoping to obtain a good job in any of the oil companies. I did the Masters Degree in Petroleum- Geology and came out with second best result in the 1983 set of postgraduate students.

There was a new course-Petroleum Geochemistry that was taught by a researcher/ consultant who doubled as a chemistry lecturer. I got the best in his course and as I was preparing to go for interview in various oil companies, I had an open-eye vision where I found myself in a white cloud where my spirit was kneeling down before an appearance of a figure (a man 1 suppose) who pointed to me that I would do a PhD in that university. The second day the consultant approached me to consider the option of coming over from Geology to Chemistry to start research in a new field of Petroleum Geochemistry. No geologist had ever crossed from geology to the department of Chemistry before then to do what we attempted in the history of that university.

Towards the end of the PhD, Chevron Oil Company wrote to 2 of us asking if we desired to be interviewed as they wanted a person to head their petroleum geochemistry department. What an opportunity! But that morning again as I went to take morning tea at the revetry, my human spirit was glued to an advert of vacancies at then Ondo State University, Ado Ekiti. The Lord ministered to me later that he was sending me there. God messed up my plans and so I took up a job of a thousand naira plus in obedience to the vision. I lectured for seven years and did consultancies for shell Oil Company through the State University where I worked. Those seven years helped me to pioneer or plant churches in Ekiti land until the Lord said that my sojourn in the ivory tower was over.

You will be surprised to hear that the only money I got for withdrawing my 7 year service was just one hundred and seventy thousands naira only (N170, 000)


Question 7:

You spent years in a secular profession before going into full time ministry. That was a great change. How did you find the transition?

John O. Idowu:

I started ministry from the second month I resumed as a Petroleum geology lecturer at the then Ondo State University. Before then I was at the Centre of a Basorun road in Ibadan when I heard myself saying “It shall be called The Name of Jesus Ministries”. I knew I was prophesying the future of my divine assignment and once I am convinced about a thing, I always try to put my best energy into it. The ministry grew, the lives of men were changed, incurable were cured, death were raised and God confirmed his words in various ways.

I used all the resources at my disposal without taking a dime from the work since I received salaries from the university plus money paid from consultancies fee by an oil company. But suddenly my heart left the system; the sabattical leave approved for me made no excitement to me and getting to lecture room, I would have to hold my mouth from saying “praise the Lord” that was flowing severally during lectures. The Lord said when I saw those signs; it meant my time was up. A trip of 13 Km from the town to the campus to lecture just three days a week became like a burden.

I told my secretary who drove me to work that he should pack my books; empty my office so that I would not die on this road as a result of violating divine signals of my human spirit. Our spirit is the candle of the Lord and if our motive is right and we love the Lord our human spirit is always a reliable guide to lead us out of trouble.

So, dropping out of the secular profession was a big relief and joy. I had a renewed strength and with that strength within few years we built seven church auditoriums in Ado Ekiti. God proved himself faithful



Question 8:

How was the transition period for your family too?

John O. Idowu:

My wife had never worked for any organization since she graduated and our children then were too young to note that their father had withdrawn his service.

That my wife and I work together in the ministry helped us in raising our children. We did everything together. We are friends with our children and our openness to one another make our home a joyful place to live.

The Bible told us to love our wives not to love our fiancé. What you need is to ascertain the will of God and when you love Jesus, the love for your wife grows. It will interest you to know that her genotype and mine are AS, AS and none of our children are sickler. I was a scientist and knew the implication but a revelation of the will of God for me is greater than the information of man.

What I did I won’t counsel it in these days of information technology because we have today raised flaky, yo-yo Christians who do not know the essence of a walk with the Lord.

Question 9:

Has the experience you had in your previous career proven to be of any added benefit to your ministry?

John O. Idowu:

Initially I thought my previous career added no benefit to my ministry until I mature in the purpose of God. God does not make mistake taking me through those journey of destiny.

The people of Ekiti pride themselves as fountain of knowledge and seeing an educated award winning intellectual decoding the scripture has ways of stimulating their faith to also serve the God I served.

The one that will help ‘me’ should be me. I came from them and was able to help them. On a personal level as a scientist who was used to predicting hydrocarbon generation in the subsurface. I love digging deep and deep thinking excites me.  I value the power of instinct and hate foolishness. 


Question 10:

How does a typical day go for you Sir?

John O. Idowu:

A typical day go normally if we don’t travel out to preach or to supervise projects outside of our base in Ado Ekiti, I have offices and libraries in the church, home and our international school.

Except church meeting days when we end up coming home before 5p.m to prepare for evening services, we get ourselves to either studying, meditating, praying, counseling and writing plus rest when necessary. Somebody said that a black man does not know how to rest.

Question 11:

How have you been able to strike a balance between ministry and being a husband and a father?

John O. Idowu:

My wife worked with me in the ministry and my children grew up in the Church before they travelled abroad to take up jobs and to pastor our church. Apart from when they were in boarding school, we all travelled together in same vehicles most of the time to minister and so like one family we are best friends. They were born again in their tender age. Today as providence will have it, they are in the same country with their families serving the purpose of God.



Question 12:

Raising ‘pastor kids’ is often seen as a precarious business. How were you able to raise yours such that they are not only godly, but they are also minister of the Gospel like you?

John O. Idowu:

I will attribute this to the grace and mercy of God above all reasons.

We also trained them in the way they ought to go which is the way of the word of God. We also live before them what we preached to others and if other children can be godly through our lives and teaching then there won’t be any reason for our own to be different.

We surrounded our children with prayer, faith and love. We gave them encouragement where needed and we did not maltreat them using canes. Upon all of the above, it is the grace and mercy of God that helped them to embrace God. God also honoured our commitment to him by helping us to raise them.

Our first daughter who always thought she was not as brilliant as her other two brothers, is today a lecturer of English in a London University while her two brothers are I.C.T consultant and Medical doctor over there. More than that, they knew they were in the United Kingdom as missionaries-pastors for the Lord.




Question 13:

The subjects of your books vary widely, from prayer life to making wealth. How are you able to offer insight into many different issues of life?

John O. Idowu:

My born again experience spans more than five (5) decades and knowing so much and seeing so many things for half a century in the light of the word of God had matured me in the things of God.

Apart from that, the benefit of my teaching ministry in the body of Christ and nurturing spiritual babes to maturity in the process of discipleship gave me advantage.


Question 14:

How much time, averagely, does it take you to complete a book manuscript?

John O. Idowu:

It depends upon my disposition. I don’t write when I’m fatigued, exhausted or stressed out. You need energy to write. So I create happiness around my writing.

I have written a manuscript for less than a week, writing all days when I’m inspired. For some others I’ve written them for several months. There are others that I stopped working on them when my passion diminished. I work on more than a book per time.

How To Live and Not To Die by John O IdowuQuestion 15:

Are there people who have had a great influence on you as a Christian writer?

John O. Idowu:

Yes…Kenneth .E. Hagin was my mentor. I read after him and enjoyed how he wrote.

I should have read some pages of his books 100 times since 1980.  Sometimes I would literally walk about in my library admiring the way he conveyed the truth.

He would quote the scriptures within his writing and without opening the bible you feel the refreshment your spirit.

I believe his writing and teaching ministry had robbed off on me.

I also was influenced by Dr. Fred Price.

He has a very strong pen and I admire people who show firmness in their writing.


How To Live and Not To Die by John O Idowu (2)

Question 16:

Which one do you enjoy more: preaching or writing?

John O. Idowu:

I love writing but enjoy teaching (not necessarily preaching) more than writing possibly because it is easier to preach or teach than writing. Writing is sweet with me but it takes more diligence; more effort and finance to publish ideas God gives you.

You preach to the need of people around but you write for the world to read.


Question 17:

Have you faced any challenge as a Christian writer? If yes, what are they?

Challenge? Yes. The frustration, disappointment from printers/ publishers who have no sense of time. Time wasters are life wasters. In this side of the world, people seem to think time does not count.



Question 18:

What book should we be expecting from you soon?

John O. Idowu:

I endeavor to write 4-5 books every year apart from mini-book that comes out of my preaching. The Lord is having me focus on this five books: Christian leadership, Christian families, Mind Development, The Working of the Holy Spirit and Profiting with Spiritual Gifts

Question 19:

Which of your published book is your favorite?

John O. Idowu:

Since I wrote all of them, I love all of them. If there is any favorite they will be those ones I took a lot of time to finish. The harder it is, the sweeter it is.

Question 20:

Thank you very much for your time sir, any word of advice for me and other young people?

John O. Idowu:

No one had ever got me into answering the most thoughtful, provoking questions like Mr. Olubola had asked in this interview. It takes a deep thinker to ask them and you have a great future. More grace to you in JESUS’ NAME.



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