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God Doesn’t Make Sense
God doesn’t make sense
Who is he that honors is words than his name
Yet, his words a spell to cast
Earlier chants of prayer, his name beareth the master’s key
Like your soul and feet that is seeking an holy discovery to dwell
All in that name.

God doesn’t make sense
Here and there, to and fro, in and out
Who told the invisible to control the visible?
It’s certain you find peace in your heart
For he calmed your storms during the season of mourning
Like an appointed time to become successful

God doesn’t make sense
When your wails hit his palace and you grumble
Enough to disown you
For he’s God not man that he should lie
How about forsaking your own children
And carry your cross to Calvary

God doesn’t make sense
Does he to you?
His seasoning different from your seasons
That made him polite, uneven when he’s the light
God doesn’t make sense
He saved you from your penny life.

daniel ajayi



Daniel Ajayi is a graduate of human resources management and a devoted poet. He loves writing from his reading of human behaviour andhad seen many reasons he should keep writing. His works have appearedon Storried, Ovi magazine, Tuck magazine to mention but a few.