Two Poems from Olaitan Victor Olanrewaju | PAROUSIA Magazine



Souls are dying

Youths are crying,
Who would lead them across
To calvary where lies the cross?

Who would let them know
They are cleansed white as snow
Through the blood of the lamb
Which made them a shiny lamp?

Who would ring to the world
The cogent truth of the word,
About our home in heaven
From strife to rest, a safe haven?

Deliver to them the message of the cross;
Great will be the cost if your souls be lost,
For repentance will be late
When you behold your fate.

Souls are dying
 Youths are crying,
Won’t you lead them across
To calvary where lies the cross?

Just a touch

Oh that I can just have a touch
at the hem of the Savior’s garment
and be cured of all infirmities
that had plagued me sore

But the crowd stands in my way
barring my path to the master
who stands teaching the crowd

with compassion and affection

Years have I spent in pains
seeking cure where lies none
enriching doctors with my meager wealth
a customer to apothecaries

Nothing works!
Oh, nothing works!
Injections, transfusions and operations.
Just the telltale scars to boast of.

I got to a point of despair
lost and resigned to my fate
when I heard of the wandering wonder
who with a touch could change it all.

He’ll not pass me without a touch,
even were it the hem of his garments
a touch suffices, a touch oh Lord
for thus my heart cries.

And with a touch it all disappeared
the pains and sufferings of many years.
for the master told me to go in peace
and now indeed I’m free.


Olaitan Victor Olanrewaju

Olaitan Victor Olanrewaju is a graduate of History and International Studies from the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria. He is also an actor that believes in the power of words. His aim is to touch lives positively, bring hope to those who lacks it while reminding people about Christ and the heavenly home.