IMMORTAL LOVE SONGS by Gideon Cecil | Parousia Christian Poetry Chapbook No 2 | PAROUSIA Magazine


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IMMORTAL LOVE SONGS by Gideon Cecil is a collection of witty words that soulfully ignites the spirit of it readers with the essence of life leaving a lasting impression in their hearts.

This collection opens up with the simile of the kiss of a departing sun and the falling in love of a darkening sky with a shimmering horizon in Immortal Beauty. The author writes about a lover who walks in beauty and her beauty is like poetry of which love is her songs.

In the poem “A Library In My Mind,” the author made an inexcusable impressive question of thought, he asked

Why do I write like a man in

love with a woman but falls

in love with words as my true love?

                                                Page 19

Gideon Cecil has painstakingly yet joyfully imprints eternal words in this collection and these poems bears witness that literature plays significant roles in Christianity. In the poem “Christ Is the Same” the author was able to capture the entire message of the gospel revealing the purpose of Jesus Christ and God’s intention for humanity.

Jesus came to die for all,

He invaded my soul and gave me a call.

Jesus gives me hope to live,

He is the only one who can forgive.

                                                Page 26

This collection is all about love that resonates into a deeper communion of the Christian Faith. It is the second poetry chapbook to be published by Parousia Magazine.

Take your time to read this exciting collection of poems and be filled with the joyful rhythm of eternal love songs.

Tola Ijalusi

Managing Editor / Publisher

Parousia Magazine

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Gideon Cecil on Parousia Magazine
Gideon Sampson Cecil

About The Author

Gideon Sampson Cecil was born on the 9th of May 1968 in Rose Hall Town, Corentyne Berbice, Guyana. He holds a Bachelor and Master of Arts Degree from Life Christian University in Tampa, Florida and a degree in journalism. He is a college lecturer and freelance journalist. He has over 300 poems, articles, stories and essays published from 1993 to 2017.His poetry was published in POUi X by The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados the Muse Literary Journal India, The Harbinger Literary Journal USA, The Chachalaca Review England, Forward Journal London, Thirty West Publishing House, The Blue Nib Literary Magazine, The Commonwealth Foundation and Alien Buddha Press. He continues to write poetry, fiction, literary criticism, and articles for various journals and newspapers at home and abroad. His recent collection of poems: ‘‘Psalms of a Romantic Poet’’ Published by Alien Buddha Press was nominated for the Griffin Poetry Award in Canada. He has so far published seven books of poetry and prose. He was recently appointed as a Senior Judge for The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2018.


IMMORTAL LOVE SONGS by Gideon Cecil | PAROUSIA Magazine 



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