Two Poems from Rick Davis | PAROUSIA Magazine





Silence unwinds into peaceful loving afternoon.
The cat sits in his cat-tree grooming himself
While the dog stares out the overcast window.
Both sing a quiet melody of contentment.

Playing with and petting them, I am transported
Beyond lonely seconds and weave softly
Into loving sky, while I write these whispered words

Which paint a world of forgiveness and fresh flowers.

The cat crawls to my feet and jumps in my lap
Like nature’s tiny explosion showing me
That I am not my perception

As I float into loving wind
Without even leaving the house.



Spiritual Love

I felt loved the afternoon we met
with my nervous random looks
and almost touches –
I didn’t know where to put my hands
as we swallowed lumpy food
at panera bread

But you had kind eyes and a kinder
disposition that left me expectant
as I decided to become open
to whatever your tranquil sky might bring –

You were like finding an amethyst diamond
and as the years rolled over soft lush grass
I find that you still anoint my hands
in refreshing blue salve
that reflect your even bluer eyes.

These days I shower in your aura
of lavender-blue cascade.

My love has grown so deep and is
the scent of wild rose incense
and as i sleep you leave me
with a psychic residue of fortune.

Next to you at night
I’ve learned to sleep softly
in twilight’s silvery silence.

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