Three Poems by Victoria Crawford on PAROUSIA Magazine





A Stone for the Garden


He digs in the river bank

searching right-sized rocks

shaped for garden gate.

Gray, black, white stones pile up.

A last one is found,

not square, jumbled colors,

granite composite, rough,

unlike stones water tumbled.

The gardener examines it.

Hammer and chisel tap 

corners and lines appear

with patient chipping, until

the gardener-turned-mason

holds in his hands,

a medley of earth elements,

a masterpiece of living rock

for the gate to the garden.



A Giveaway


Hand-washing Pilate

gave away a man

to the gathered crowd:

thank you!



The Audible


Consider the heart as a guide

hand to chest, feel its question.

Truth flows a wellspring inside

deafened by noise congestion.

Ears caulked by a million voices,

cacophony’s stunning scream

blocks inspiration of choices,

whispering of love —a dream.

Integrate spirit and soul,

they must be read and received,

spirit’s eyes charting the whole

in the grace of your truth believed.

Permit the freedom of your heart

to allow Babel to depart.


Victoria Crawford


  Victoria Crawford is an American poet who has lived in many countries around the world and currently resides in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Her poems come from the heart and a desire to share words of  joy and happiness.  Her poems have appeared in journals such as Time of Singing, Wildflowers Muse, Hawaii Pacific Review, Canary, and Cargo Literary.