Three Poems by Marc Carver | PAROUSIA Magazine


I looked out of the train window
I saw a young woman sat next to the sitting statue on the bench
if you didn’t know he was not real you would never know. 

The woman sat opposite me gets a call. 
It doesn’t matter if you are gay she tells her daughter
I love you regardless we will work it out don’t worry
look I really, really love you but I haven’t come across anything like this before
look lets leave it there darling I’m coming into the station
she lies 
then puts the phone down
and she looks at me 
her secret is safe with me but our journey goes on 


I want to be like 
one of those old seagulls
who knows he is close to death.
No goodbyes no farewells
They just go out to sea
and keep flying 
they fly until they die.


I sat in that Rothko chapel
and I knew I was as close to God as I could ever get
the closest to seeing him through those paintings of nothingness
the deafening sound of silence
time almost stopping
god has no need of time
and through those paintings I could feel it slowing and stopping
black on black
a blue black
a grey black
a cross hidden
all led me to the same place
a universe of nothing

Marc Carver

About the Poet:

Marc Carver writes because he believe in it and know that it comes, like all great art from some different place.