ON THE WALK TO EMMAUS | A Poem by Oluwafemi Babasola | PAROUSIA Magazine





Plodding through
with him
on Emmaus road

You don’t know
you know him

He colours history you
nurture as fantasies
with pictures, with quotes
with facts, with truths
like he’d seen it on youtube 

How he’s the word
fetched light from gloom
isolated oceans from crust
uncoupled day & night

How he embroidered
himself with  flesh &
lulled in a virgin’s loins 

How he’s the tree of life
Adam & Eve never had a bite of
how he’s the bread of life
cheer to taste of death

How Moses’ bronze snake
a sketch of his cross
how a gaze into him
trots you into his palace

How the passover lambs
in Egypt epitomise him

How the messiah must
hang & pick up his life

By death of one
life for all

You trot, you leap
check into his eyes

an aeon slide ‘fore him


Oluwafemi Babasola


Oluwafemi Babasola employs poetry and his short stories to express his thoughts and beliefs about life, the inequality in the society and emotions of the heart.

Oluwafemi’s poems have appeared on Bravearts Africa, Praxis magonline, African Writer, Parousia and elsewhere.

He lives in Osogbo, Nigeria. You can follow him on twitter @babasola10on10.