There will always seem to appear
Along the way, along our journey; an end.
But surely, the road still lies ahead, O friend.
Do not look back, do not turn, have no fear.

Is there really an end?
Only cowards are cowed by cunning corners
Which to critical minds are just bends, O friend
And where muzzled minds wait for mourners,
That is where they start again.
It is drought, yet they force the rain.

It is not extraordinary;
It is not superhuman;
It is not imaginary;
Just an immersion in the spirit of renewal
As ends are born by withdrawal
From a course by a man or a woman.

Hope, although not subjected to death
But when it gets lost,
Only renewal can bring back its lost length
By paying a lasting cost.

Life can translate into eternity;
Cohabitation can maintain unity
When peace and love are renewed.
The renewal of love curtails divorce.

So, when there seems to appear
Along the way, along the journey; an end.
Know surely, the road still lies ahead, O friend.
Do not look back, do not turn, have no fear
Just allow your spirit to be renewed.





OLATOKUN OLUWAFEMI A, a poet, playwright, novelist, short-story writer, commentator and song writer, is a diligent man of many talents. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria and was born in Kaduna where he also attended Aunt Nika Nursery and Primary School and Army Children School, Commilla Barracks, Kaduna. He completed his primary education at DC Primary School, Owoope, Gbongan and his secondary education at Gbongan and Odeomu Anglican School of Science, Gbongan, State of Osun. He later obtained BA(hons) in English from the National Open University of Nigeria.

He is the  author of The Fundamentals of Oral English  for all students and It is my Right(a play). He is a highly seasoned English teacher and currently teaches at Livingstone College, Lagos.