BOOK RELEASE | Literary Journeys to the Holy Land by Sofia Kioroglou

I am just bursting to share this piece of amazing news. My book “Literary Journeys to the Holy Land” is finally out.

“Literary Journeys to the Holy Land” is a fusion of poetry and narrative accompanied by pictures from Sinai and Israel. The book is inspired by my pilgrimage to Jerusalem and Sinai and reads more like a travelogue than anything else. If you enjoy books with a religious subject matter, then this is the ideal book for you.

A lot of pictures accompanied by captions transport the reader to the places where Moses received the Ten Commandments and where Jesus walked and was crucified. The book is out this month by Gramma Press with the approval of Promachos, an NGO dedicated to the raising of public awareness about the problems of starving children in Africa and the provision of food supplies.

Available at all Greek bookstores!

You can purchase it by following this link

Thank you profusely!


Sofia Kioroglou