The News So Good by Ashish Kumar pathak

The News So Good

Suffering a natural order
so is struggle for survival
at all levels
there’s growth and
there’s decay
there’s emergence of new life
and there’s return
of what’s biodegradable
but transformations
when they occur
goes often unnoticed
and thankfully
without complain
just because
death and destruction
is never avenged
rather can’t be avenged
its just a tool
so silent, so cool.
easter may seem boring
to children
and that too
so blessedly
by the hustle bustle
and so called silly fun
plaguing Christmas
yet it has huge huge lesson
so needful for human relation
and human life
it contains action
of resurrection.

Ashish Kumar pathak is a primary education teacher posted in munger district of Bihar (India). He has contributed his writing in many a national and international anthologies.