Celestial Church Of Christ is an African instituted church founded in the year 1947, by Rev.Pastor SBJ Oshoffa in Republic of Benin. This is the third Aladura church in Africa that preceded, ”Cherubim and Seraphim & Christ Apostolic Church respectively.

History had its significance, how the founder was given birth to by a lay preacher from Methodist church and how he has been used as a covenant before God to terminate the “Still birth” problem incurred by her mother ‘Alake just like the story of Hannah and Samuel in the scripture. Hence, He was named Samuel, ‘Bilewu (Bi’le aiye ba wu o, ko duro) & Joseph respectively.

He grew up and became a carpenter and transporter of ebony trees from the forest, just like his father Ojo Oshoffa. Ever since then, this had stricken a raw nerves why God has chosen to use a mere carpenter, when there are Literate who possesses hefty educational qualification.


God called Rev.SBJ Oshoffa on the day of total eclipse of the sun. The eclipse was intended by God as an arcanum to veil the secret of the glory of heaven, which was shown to the world on 23rd may 1947. Oshoffa saw, heard and felt series of mysteries in the Forest, which includes Monkey, Coloured birds, Snake etc and the voice of LULI, which proclaimed the arrival of the unstinting Grace.

Section 2-3 of the Celestial Constitution fathomed how God had called the founder with the divine mandate that “It is the wish of God to send you on an errand of preaching the Gospel to the World. Many nominal christians who were confronted by challenges and other problems of this world. They run after fetish priests and other power of darkness for all kinds of assistance. Consequently, on their death, they cannot see Christ because, by their action, Satan has left his spiritual mark on them. To assist you in your work so that men may listen to the fact that God has sent you. Miraculous work and divine healing will be performed through you”

Divinely, Celestial church was put to bed on 29th September 1947.

One significance about Celestial Church is that, Celestial church “Is the picture of Heaven on Earth” I.e the order and ways through which Angels worship/placate God in heaven. According to the church name Celestial, which means ” From heaven above” All the church’s doctrines and tenets came from heaven, which was inspired by the Holy spirit, through the prophets/ess.

It can be recalled, how the church’s hymn book were sang by the prophets. Unlike other denominations, whose hymn were composed by their choristers. Celestial hymn were inspired through the prophets, Mad people (who later got healed), eleven month old baby, persecutors and so on.

The robes, style and garment used in the church too was directed by Prophet in trance.

The sitting arrangement and the sacrament of the altar, all this were all prescribed according to the order of the Holy spirit. This is the reason why the church is truely Celestial!

Series of miracle happened, during the 38 good years (1947-1985) the founder himself used to pioneer the church. He rose the dead, He healed the sick, He opened the blind and the crippled can walk without stick through him.

Celestial church become a song on the lips of both young and old that, until you go to Celestial, before you’ll see GLORY. Wretched people came in and become wealthy. Sick people crept in and became heathy. With this, backbiters tagged the church as a fraternity/Occult society, because of the degree of spiritual power it embodied.

It is true, that the power of 1947 has established many celestial altar round the globe. The mission statement of the church which is to”Cleanse the whole world ” has really move speedily in fulfilling its mandate. Globally, there is no continent that haven’t heard about the tales of Celestial church.

And in the journey of 70 years, Celestial parishes are more than 6million round the whole world by statistics and over 4million parishes alone in Nigeria.

It is indeed true, that the chant of LULI LULI LULI (which means Grace), then in Agange Forest, has brought Divine grace to the whole world.

Indeed, Rev Pro. Samuel Bilehou Joseph Oshoffa deserves a Seventy Hearty Cheers, for a stupendous service of faith, rendered to the Christendom and the whole world at large.

Alleluia……Jesu Ti Joba!



Okitipupa in Ondo State, Nigeria.