Two Poems by Tanimonure Richards Adewale


The Glorification Issue PAROUSIA MAGAZINE


the grave
slept out
a fright day
of an E – star,
an enormous star;

and awoke
a song day
of our E – star
in lips of praise,
of an empty space;

and we
mourned; hey!
our E – star
and us mourned,
sweet of dance,
dine and wine,
spirits high,

our sins’ death
on calvary’s cross;
satan’s sore wrath
of an eternal loss.

we mourned in songs,
sweet in a belly
of a happy galilee,
gallivanting grandly,
our E -star’s rise
of us so mightily.

we mourned; hey!
we mourned so joyfully.


there is a pain that loves you;
there is an anguish that wants you;
there are tears running everywhere
flowing you as his beloved, his dear
soul; won’t you come accepting him?

you live, you breathe in a joy
that strongly hates you much;
you enjoy his life galore,
a sweetness of hidden wrath;
the lust of the flesh,
the lust of the eyes,
the pride of life;
he gives you more and more
so you can forget that seeking voice.

he says sin is no poison;
he says live as you want, like;
he says you will still make heaven
without the one, Jesus Christ;
he makes you forget the pain,
on Calvary’s cross, so great;
fades away the supreme price
that for you, was heavily paid.

yet, this pain still cries out to you,
though he’s alive evermore;
this anguish is crying, begging
“don’t be lost eternal more”;
come to me,
come receive me;
i am the only truth of life;
he has lies and death to give,
i am life; the only truth you’ll find.

he’s come again this easter;
he’s come again looking for you;
he brings his battered body,
he brings his deepest pain,
he brings the river of blood
shed much for your salvation.

come to him;
come receive him;
forsake hatred’s deception,
accept love’s  redemption;
easter cries out loud to you:
” come, he’s waiting for you.”


Tanimonure Richards Adewale is one of Nigeria’s finest emerging poets, rocking the world with his art. His works sweetens and deepens the mind in fruity fragrance of writes and this has endeared him to good poetry lovers. He is from Abeokuta, Ogun State, where he is based and his poetry can be enjoyed on