All about Jesus by Daniel Ajayi

The Glorification Issue PAROUSIA MAGAZINE


All about Jesus

The beginning was the beckoning of the end
Who will think his purpose was for the sake of humankind
News gathered from genesis to every regions
A light brace enough annihilates darkness
A warrior who is equipped, could have feel for his family
Majesty inborn to be king of kings
An option not necessary when mandate already on the table

Too pure he gave a large chunk of cure
Too pure he made sin curse itself
Too pure he froze anything embraced
Too pure he nurtured in love

To tell a story, proverbs are the right course on sunny days
Timepiece your steps, so to guide, he gave his words
Blessed are those who insult and persecute you
Have they not seen what he looks like?

For your sake did he became poor
For your sake nails pierced through him
For your sake he remained humble to the last beat
For your sake he gave you freedom

No cloth as white was fit for him
His blood, priced all for you
grace laid and made you perfect
Whole of him resurrected has he promised
Live it up to Jesus, all about him



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Daniel Ajayi is a recent graduate from the African University of Technology and Management (UATM) Republic of Benin. He lives in Nigeria his work can be found at braveartsafrica.