A coronation day by Narjes Azimi

The Glorification Issue PAROUSIA MAGAZINE

A coronation day
It’s a coronation day for Jesus
Its coronation day of incarnation
Incarnation for new evils, remodeled Lucifer
And Still Jesus is the same Messiah
Coronation with thorns, seems good on him
And it will be though,
Those gazing eyes, staring at his soft soul
Melting him to the forgiving human sin’s eternally
Reminding him to be a scapegoat as always
Beautiful souls has no choice but to be
Victimized, scarified, crucified,
And fade away to be admired and to be idol
By devils and announce people
To remember them as heroes forever


Narjes Azimi


Narjes Azimi was born in 1981 during the war in the Middle East. She spent her childhood in wartime as living in conflict zone deeply affects her writings. She got her BA and MA in English language and Literature. After 2 years of studying Ph.D. in linguistics, she dropped it for the purpose of writing for those who are involved in a war. She mostly writes in English, although English is her 4th language. The main theme of her stories and poems is war and those suffering from it yet have a dream of peace, especially children who are living in conflict zones and she also has some short stories for children of war and literary essays, along with critical notes on African American Literature. Her poems appeared in Literary Orphans Magazine, and The Wide Shore Magazine. Recently, her book is available online in Amazone.com titled “Melody of Peace” which the main theme is peace and its short novel for youngsters.Right now she is a Ph.D. candidate in communication and media studies in Cyprus.Her main interest is peace communication and narratology.