For A Worthy Cause by Olatubosun David


The Glorification Issue PAROUSIA MAGAZINE

For A Worthy Cause

For a worthy cause
In search of me – a damned rebel
Lost in the darkness and valleys of life
He chose to come
Exploring wilderness, forty days
Tasting neither food nor drink
Up on the mountains alone
Giving no sleep to his sleepy eyes
Asking the father all night,
Where he might find me

But there I was in the ocean of guilt
In the cell of condemnation –
Tied and condemned to die
He walked upon the waters and drew me out
He stood my ground
And pleaded my cause
But my accuser insisted – “he must die”
Smiling at me, he said
“Fear not! I will die for you”

The journey to Golgotha is far
The journey to the cross is cruel
Hence, the ass and her colt
And gently, humbly, gloriously
My hero, riding to face his death – my death
The lawns with beauties of fronds adorned
The women, their folk in praise and jubilation
I wonder if they understood his mission

The cross they made in wait for him
With nails and hammer from the forge
Knowing it would be too heavy for me to bear
The crown of thorn and thistle as well
The spear, the lashes, the gall
All these he took upon himself
For just no worthy cause

And standing there amidst the crowd
I saw my saviour fainting, out of breath
Under the heavy weight of my sin
Looking back, he spoke softly unto me
Now that I’ve borne your scarlet sin
Go and sin no more
Go, my worthy servant and sin no more
He died for me, he rose for me


To him who passed through fire and death
The strain of nails and lashes
The bruises in the heart
The neglect and gloom
The shattered spirit
The thorns and thistles

To him who went down the hade and hell
To remove the venom of death and hell
To break the captor’s head asunder
With mattock of authority
And held captive hell and its host

The captor
Infected the victim with disobedience
And a bite of death of sorrow and pains
Sharing death among helpless children
As the fear of death gripped my sinful soul
I lost my light, I lost my freedom,
I lost my all

To him
Who in humility borne my transgression
Who in obedience borne my disobedience
My shame, my pain, my suffering, my death
And won for me, victory
With his costly blood
Declaring me a winner
In the fight I couldn’t have won

To him be glory and honour
Forever and ever, amen

A Song of Freedom

This is my song of freedom…
Once I was captured in bondage
But now am free, am free, am free

My soul was once heavy
For I couldn’t forgive myself
For doing this shameful thing again

More than once I said to the Master
Wash me clean, indeed I will be clean
And to the righteous judge
Forgive my lapse
For I knew I was doomed

At the foot of His seat
Where mercy immeasurable flows
Like the endless torrents of River Jordan
I rent my heart in full asunder
My sober soul pleads for mercy
I am discharged of course from guilt
Discharged and freed and acquitted
With such a soothing counsel
To go and sin no more!

How defiant and dull I was
To have done that grave thing again!
For guilt and self-condemnation
Lurked in my shattered soul
I saw ahead of me
The claws of death
As I sing my song of doom

But in the danger of my mess
I heard His mild voice calling me
Tenderly, lovingly, ‘oh sinner’
“Come unto me oh sinner
Your sin may be as scarlet as blood
I will once more make you chaste
Since I have died for you long before
My life for your yoke exchanged
He took mine and offered me His

In submission my knees quickly
Embraced the earth in submission
His precious blood he spilled over
My sinful soul and wretched spirit
For ransom, for Passover
And joy like the still river
Overflowed my weary heart
Now am free, am free, am free
In deed I know am free, am free.

Olatubosun David on PAROUSIA Magazine

Olatubosun David (born December 27, 1980, in Ilupeju Ekiti, Ekiti State) is a Nigerian writer. He graduated from Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State (in 2013), where he studied Office Technology and Management. However, his special interest in poetry drives him. Most of his works condemned moral decadence and religion perverseness. Olatubosun is currently a confidential secretary in the department of Mathematical Sciences, Achievers University, Owo, Ondo-State, Nigeria.