Three Poems by Gemma P. Geslani


Just another day
   is all I humbly ask,
Each night before I say
   goodbye to all my tasks,
But not before I leave
   my earnest praise and thanks
  at His most holy feet-
   I’m worthy not to touch.

Just another day
  is all I humbly ask,
Another day to serve
  from morning until dusk
  my most beloved Master,
  to Whom I owe my life,
  my Maker and my Savior
  Who loves me though I’m dust. 


I see God in every tree,
   in every leaf that flutters free;
I feel God in every ray
   of the sun that cossets me.

I hear God in every chirp
   of every bird in forests deep;
I smell God in every scent
   of every flow’r in meadows mint.

I sense God in every breath
   of every baby chaste and sweet;
I taste God in every tear
   that bears my every grief and cheer. 



The sunrays beam His glorious reign,
The cold winds sing His pow’r supreme,
The white clouds stream His love divine
     across the un-horizoned land. 

The rivers splash His joy around,
The ravens roar His righteous sound, 
The cornfields yield His grace unbound
     that we can’t be by famine found.

I feel His heart entwine with mine
    as, humbled, amble I around;
A thousand questions drown my mind –
    foremost, why love a sinful man?

As high I gazed upon the sky,
    no answers to my questions rise; 
Uncomprehending truly I
    am of the ways of the Most High.


Gemma P. Geslani


Gemma P. Geslani, PhD is a Filipino-American biochemist who calls herself a “bio-poet.” An academician who quit the profession three years ago, she loves books, travel, music, nature, futbol, tango,  classical poetry and, above all, God. She has published three poetry books and is working on her fourth. Her greatest inspiration is her late Papa.