Three Poems by Ashish Kumar Pathak

The bi-lens of life

The breath of life wafted
over all the creatures
Some give life, some take
Some make life, some fake
Some cure life, some quake
Some live life, some leave
Some sip life, some sheep
Some keep life, some weep
Content with the ease of
a passing day
they fancy, the fancier
Neglecting pure and clear

Spiritual Dichotomy

The mystery of bodies opening
mystery of minds deepening
Inside everyone plays the insider
Divinity not easily understood
Classical self-revelation missing
the real picture out of picture
different mirrors, different spirits
Neither sincere trying
Nor lifting of hearts
dichotomy between ideas
and work deepening
touching frightening level
Posture and position
Coming different
No-one willing to read the heart
everyone claims himself learned
None looking in their own eyes
None want to be responsible
Dissipated in futile imaginations
Produce nothing but
agony to the world.

Different Men

Man of right intentions
are great continents
Unreasonable, illogical and self-centred
are great valleys
Where rivers pass and prospers now
Continents are now dry deserts
Isn’t the era changing
the world changing?

Ashish Kumar Pathak

Ashish Kumar Pathak is a primary education teacher posted at munger district in Bihar, India. He has got letter of appreciation from then president APJ kalam for his poem. His works are featured in Indian,Asian,and world anthologies.