Poetry | Changed by Debbie Richard


I’ve seen a brilliant light, an illumination
            of my soul – dark, ugly, violent.
Blind, as though a veil were drawn,
            casting shadows,
                           hindering the fervor
                                        of my veritable quest.

I’ve been feared, resented, rejected
            by fellowman,
                         beast, and disciple.
Despite all this, I am a chosen vessel
                           to herald His name before men,
                                    to encourage,
                                                 to exhort,
                                                               to bring hope.

A change has taken place.
             The love of the Father
                          has been bestowed upon me.
                                        I see a new path before me.
                                                    I am Saul.



Author Photo - Debbie Richard

Debbie Richard is listed in the Directory of Poets & Writers as both a poet and creative nonfiction writer. She was selected as Adelaide Voices Literary Award for Poetry FINALIST for 2018. Her poems have appeared in Torrid Literature Journal, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Scarlet Leaf Review, WestWard Quarterly, Halcyon, and others. A chapbook of poetry entitled “Resiliency,” was published in 2012 by Finishing Line Press. “Hills of Home,” a memoir about growing up in Appalachia, in the hills of West Virginia, was released in 2014 by eLectio Publishing. Visit her website at www.debbierichard.com