Poetry | Wednesday Morning by Rick Davis

Wednesday Morning

in pale morning
i rest in the recliner
closing my eyes –
observing thoughts –
feeling like an unaccustomed stone
tangled in mesh root.
I begin to sense peace
like moving air in murmuring trees —
feeling euphoric
like a priest losing innocence
in prayerful contemplation
once again observing –
seeing that reason and emotion
weave imaginary graves.
Filled with grace-filled love
i become a twilight traveler
flying through ocean sky.
I breathe ethereal clouds
and playfully become
living air.



Rick Davis lives in  the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago,  Illinois, USA., with his wife.  He is a graduate of Northeastern  Illinois University, and has completed graduate work at several schools.  He has worked in market research, and  in  several customer  service positions