flesh and blood




He who is born of the flesh is of the flesh

He who is born of the spirit is of the spirit

The one came from dust and went back to dust

The One came from heaven and is in heaven

Seated at the right hand of the Father


He who is baptized of water is baptized of water

He who is baptized of the Spirit is baptized of the spirit

He who is righteous by works is slave to sin

He who is justified by faith is saved by grace

Predestined by the Craftsman Himself

At the creation of the world.


An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

Cattle for cattle, donkey for donkey

Life for life, death for death

And no place for love, no place for God


As one man’s sin blemished the world

So one man’s death atoned for humanity



The first man was dust and went back to dust

Each man needed a lamb each year to atone for his blemish

But the second man is life Himself

He is God and is eternal

His blood atoned for Humanity

And paid man’s price once and for all

The Adamic spell is broken indeed



Man for man; God for all


OGHENERO GENZA is an On Air Personality with Kpoko FM, Warri. He is the coordinator of Warri Literary Society. He is also a gospel comedian and a spoken word poet.

Facebook: GENZA – Literature and Gospel Comedy

Twitter: @ReflectPoems