Two Poems by Rick Davis


The peace of wildflowers
And a quiet serene lake.

My breadth slows
And barely exists.

My soul rises quickly
Through many dimensions,

Finally resting
On a breezy sea shore.

Warm sand fills the
Space between my toes.

Clear blue-white sky
Quickly darkens

And a large orange moon
Hovers over and reflects on

Royal blue water.
An angel takes my hand –

She has olive skin,
Glowing auburn hair

And glistening blue eyes.
We are dressed in

Purple-blue light.
She whispers a single word

Into my ear,

In a flash
I am on a busy

Urban night street.
I wave at the bus

That stops for me.
The driver, also,

Has glistening blue eyes.
I get on,

Now wearing bed clothes –
A black t-shirt

And black sweat pants.
Before finding a seat

I wake up,
Light and peaceful.

The Visit

Sitting in the small office
I wear a dark ring of eternal morning.
There is soft noise from the kitchen.
A blue-grey bird pecks at ice
In the back yard.

There is soft noise again
So, I open the door
While Blanco, the feral cat we feed
Scratches eagerly at pane glass
Revealing God’s gentle right hand

And while I’m allergic
I let him in and he moves quickly
Shaking his head back and forth
As our house is full of talkative stars

And as he walks into the office
He brings life into the walls
And hatches shadows.
Outside, the cardinal makes
An approving sound.

He walks cautiously now
Through blue dark sublime
And sits in the recliner.

As i watch him
I notice that he is wearing
A flower of faith

And wings of wisdom.

Rick Davis lives in  the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago,  Illinois, USA., with his wife.  He is a graduate of Northeastern  Illinois University, and has completed graduate work at several schools.  He has worked in market research, and  in  several customer  service positions