Poetry | LAY IT DOWN by Caleb Okoye



When life lessons your
formulas can’t even solve
Lost in your own thought
this you can’t fathom.
In your body lies lines
of sufferings like tribal marks
parallel with no end.

Weeping endured through the night
in the morning you still mourn
Your words wore yawns,
Palatable meal is just a wish.
With tears you quenched
your burning thirst.
Laid in a basket to river Nile
Never picked by royalty.

Life never smiled at you
Nor for once was it fair.
Right here on earth
you searched for air.
In a clean ladle it
presented hell to you.
Sun burned your dreams
Your visions lost their
Life seems in a pause
backward never and
forward like a leper.

Echoes of defeated songs
from your sighs,
Your sweat forms ocean
where hardSHIP sails
and you are the sailor.

When hope is gone
and depression comes,
When your faith crawls
and in fear you’re drawn,
When joy is lost
and sadness burst,
Open your ear and you
will hear.

Listen to the master’s call;
“Come unto me
with your heavy ladden”
He promised rest
He will empty your load
None will be left.

Come with your basket
full of burden.
There will be an end
your heart he will mend,
Tears he will dry,
your eyes will no longer cry.
Now your faith is tossed,
Cast your anchor
Let it grip the solid rock.

Come, He calls
At his feet drop all.


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Caleb Okoye  is  from Anambra state in Nigeria. A musician, a music producer who has passion for poetry.