Poetry | FAITH by Umeh Martins Somadina

As bodies find its missing rib
My soul has found a worthy mate.
For each day our affection grow 
Yesterday it was a semen
But today I noticed a head and a heart.
I died a few times through
The chapters of age long stories
But a million times rose as fruits from 
My soulmates poe-trees.
My soul longs for my mate
For we met in the words of the preacher
Sprawled on a haunted holy altar. 
The Word is my soul, my muse my mate.
I thought it was fate but the Book said it’s Faith.
UMEH MARTINS SOMADINA, a budding poet and writer hails from Osina in Ideato North Local Government Area in Imo State Nigeria. He is a student of the department of English and literature from the University Of Benin, Benin city. A young writer who has had his works published on different platforms both hardcopy and online on journals like Writers space, PIN and others and has so many unpublished poems, novels, write ups, articles and dreams.