POETRY | True Desires by Amby C. Ezem

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True Desires


You’d find that many

Many love the idea of

God but not God himself

So when you present the true God

They spit in your face

And rather hold the false view of God close


You’d find many that

Join God with a particular part of the bible

To exalt a particular character of His

That is seemingly in agreement to them


But separate Him from one section of the bible

To reduce a particular character of His

That is not in agreement to them

We forget God is the same God

In Corinthians and the Psalms is also the same

God in Exodus and Revelations


A lot would say God

A lot would say for Christ’s sake

But it has nothing to do with the God of the bible

So don’t think a person is referring to God

Because God is mentioned

A few times from their lips


Many want heaven without God

Many want Abraham’s blessing

but not the journey (tests and trial)

that paved the way to the blessings


Amby C. Ezem

Amby C. Ezem was born in Nigeria. She currently lives in England. She is the author of Soul’s Exhale (breathing and bleeding), a book of poetry and prose. Through the years, she has been invited, and has performed her pieces at a number of events across the Uk (Wales and England) and in Nigeria. Amby is someone that embodies her art in different ways. Her work covers religious, political and general issues of life. Her pieces been published in a few local magazines. She believes she is most free in the various expressions of her art.





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