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(An adaptation from 2 Corinthians 3:1- 18)


I walk into sunrise of believe today

To show the heaven in me

To proclaim eternal testimonies

Of the man whose body is full of grace and truth

The son of the one whose body is built with eternity.


I was birth through letters

With an heart of stone

I was a living dead,

When I with my mouth declared

My heart believe in death and resurrection

Governed by the Holy spirit and I was rebirth, am alive.


I have hope; I vomit words with plainness of speech

My mind is not blinded by law blinds

The eyes of my understanding is open

I am free; I am not in chains grip

Oh my soul sings, my spirit shout

To the Lord, My God, My strength.


With face free of scales

I am looking into the Word

The mirror of God’s glory,

Transfigure daily into His image

Ever increasing in splendour, from frequency to frequency;

Who did this? The Lord who is the Spirit.




Ojo Adewale Iyanda writes from Ibadan where he volunteers at foundation for student mission as a Missionary. He believes in God’s word and in its transformation.

He is a poet, a writer whose works have been published on WRR, Tuck Magazine and elsewhere.




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