POETRY | THE MAN OF GALILEE by Oladele Babajamu

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I love the man of Galilee,

the atoner of eternal life

Decked with heavenly grace 

Nailed to the cross at Golgotha 

Resurrected into eternal glory 

                     For reconciliation 




and for sanctification of the majestic lordship

of the sons of God.



An anchor?

Yes, an anchor.

Sure and steadfast 

Yes, an anchor.

An anchor that keeps the soul

Yes, an anchor.

Save and secure

Yes, an anchor.

Sound and safe

Yes, an anchor.

An anchor that keeps hope 

Yes, an anchor.

An anchor that protects from the storm of life

Yes, an anchor.

An anchor that sustains the believer

Yes, an anchor.

Jesus Christ is our anchor,

The eternal rock of ages

Yes, an anchor.


oladele babajamu

Oladele Babajamu is a retired Colonel from the Nigerian Army.  He has written several military books and literature in different genres. His poems have appeared in various anthologies, Timeless Voices, Timeless Treasure and Five Hundred Nigerian Poets among others.

He is the current National Publicity Relations Officer (North) of the Association of Nigerian Authors. His short story book ‘The Widows Wail’ and poetry collections ‘Timeless Verses’ are widely read in many secondary schools in Kwara State.

He is a fellow of the National Defence College of Nigeria.


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