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Undressing you is a mystery
I have come to love unravelling.
I was only a child learning secrets
from your ancient body
when it all began.

You undressed yourself
of shadows
crawling over your nakedness;

of clouds
hindering your light of understanding
(you said understanding is standing
under your body, with the standing
of my burdens buried under you.);

of doors
blocking the entrance of the simple
(like me, wisdom of vacuum
begging for a filling, a feeling of soft touches,
from your caressing fingers and tongue).

You undressed me, and told me
to spread myself on you
for the sun in you
to kiss my body into flame;
a burning rage of desires
draining your ocean with pleasure.

I entered your body and became lost.
You found and led me to your secret place.
There, our shadows merge into oneness
an harmony of breath
(a song I have come to enjoy).

I toured everywhere;
the peak of mountains
where I was close heaven,
and the depths of valleys
where the meaning of peace is known.

At the spring of your breast
where truth cascades into knowledge,
I was fed of love, life and hope.
I became free indeed.

We were naked, and were not ashamed.
You looked into my soul
through the windows of my eyes,
and saw an eternal longing.

You planted a kiss on my heart,
and a river sprang into life.
You said it is eternal,
a life that can never end.


Elemide Benjamin

Benjamin Elemide  (pen name Penjamin) is a creative and inspirational writer, an editor, and a speaker. He is the visionary of THE GREAT MINDS, a group of young people with the vision to affect their generation by not just making a difference, but being the difference. His write-ups, poems and stories are available on different publications both online and in print.




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