POETRY | GRACE by Wanangwa Mwale

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Grace is when…

My dreams came crushing on me, my vision shuttered

My future seemed to be doomed, my family broken

My soul stripped and torn apart

‘I have lost it all,’ I thought.

My soul famished for something to satisfy it

And so I vanished into the worlds unknown

Pleasures I found, yet not satisfied

Addicted I became

And always yearned for more and never had enough of it all

Faith? Was a conviction I had let go of

I needed to see for me to believe, because all I could see is a blank-dark life

Then Jesus called me by name,

By my name He knows me.

He took my life into His hands

He then pointed me to the Cross

And behold I saw my whole sinful life on Him

As He bore it all with pain and shame, yet with full of grace

And He whispered “You my Child, you don’t have to suffer in your life just believe.”

“Call unto me when you are weary and heavy laden and I will give you Rest”

Smiling down at me He says “Just come the way you are, it was all finished on the cross.”





Wanangwa Mwale was born on 14th November, 1992 in a small town of Luanshya in Zambia. Growing up she was slow when it comes school work so at a tender age of six she was introduced to reading and writing as a way of getting rid of her slowness. She enjoys reading, writing and traveling to new places.  In 2015, she had her first publication; her poem was featured in The Challenge Magazine. Currently she working on her first novel ‘Broken’ which she hopes to be published soon. Her goal is to be a full time writer.



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