POETRY | Christmas Is The Reason I Believe In love by Glennise Ayuk

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Christmas Is The Reason I Believe In Love


Blessings fall like snowflakes

resting on each our heads

doors open to rapprochement,

and merry words are said.

I love how we find and share with the

ones we seemed to have lost,

family fires rekindled so great

the chill winds of feud are consumed.

Even warmer to embrace

the blissful essence of the season.

the coming of salvation, the birth of a babe

the whole world from damnation saved.

Days spent in grateful celebration of life

nights aglow with love’s candlelight

a mother’s smile, an angel’s carol

a child’s giddy cheer

as gifts are unwrapped.

Christmas is when miracles are possible

mirages are real and graspable.

so I’ll wear this Noel faith into the new year

in case phony doubt comes knocking.

And if the storms run violent, I’ll be still and remember

that Christmas is the reason I can count on His love.



Glennise Ayuk

Glennise Ayuk, a sixth year medical student of the University of Buea, Cameroon.

She have a huge passion for reading and writing, and keep them just as close as her stethoscope. Her writings have been published in a few local magazines, and e-books.

She can be reached via +237671469753 or ayukglennise@gmail.com.





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