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Aspirations of lofty thoughts abound,

Beautiful and bounteous words converge,

Emanating from the depths of the mind,

Nestling in the sanctuary of true feelings! 

Eternally love soars and spirals in glory,

Dedicating dreams and desires to Hope,

Illuminating our path to the richest of joys,

Culminating in the safe haven of lasting peace!

Through a world of suffering and pain we pass!

Inspiration and faith provide us with the arms to

Overcome and crush the threat of universal decay!

Now, let our souls celebrate blessings of purification!



Keith A. SIMMONDS was born in Barbados and is a citizen of both Trinidad & Tobago and France. He is a lover of all types of poetry and writes haiku seriously since 2004. Some of his works appear in Mainichi Daily News, Capoliveri, Cascina Macondo, Simply Haiku, Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum Haiku, Revista de Interferente Culturale Romano-Japoneze, Shamrock IHS…



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