FICTION | THE CHRISTMAS GIFT by Cecil Jones Myondela

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I tapped to play the audio that had been sent to me on my WhatsApp chat. It was an audio from brother Ngoni, in South Africa. He was not used to send me some audio on my number. I got stuck and suspicious of what that could be. When brother Ngoni reaches me through audio texts, he would be after making you understand the emotions he will be in. We had not quarelled or disputed over anything for whole of our past. But I knew it when I would hear him recording such emotional pieces of audios him in order to send to those he could have disputed with or somewhat sharing a near-fist backgrounds with. He was a real gentleman though and a happy, joking and laughing lot. I remember the beautiful times we had spend together at his Lydernburg residence this immediate last holiday of December 2016; the beautiful scenes as we travelled together with family to have glimpse and photo shoot in Nelspruit Mountains, some long travels across such beautiful terrains as we drove in latest Fortuner vehicle to beaches of Durban, back home driving henceforth to and from Lake Caroline and Ingwena Dam. What beautiful we had holidaying outside Zimbabwe; cruising and canoeing on eater bodies, sometimes fishing for funny. Brother was a friend closer to me in absolute terms; as the two of us conversed about everything between. Most of the times when he was off from work; we would spend some time together. I mean the two of us; driving into the small town and affluent town of Lydernburg- a home largely for the Boer or Dutch people. Often times crossing over into the neighbouring location of Mashishing that appeared more of Ghetto than its neighbouring Lydernburg. I liked the view of floods of people gathering at open space in front of shops to enjoy festive seasons and routine eventful nights; clubbing, partying, feasting, dancing, drinking, sharing and smoking. I bet it was a free world in that part of the World. They shared almost everything; beers, cigarettes and even women. The most spectacular and beautiful capture of my life being this other Coloured guy; skidding in his sport car, veering off and makes frequent and skillful twist and turns- much to the wild cheering, ululation and whistling by a mixed group of spectaculars forming circle round this rare genius and drawing funnies from the display. It was risky though, as one imagines had the tyre bursted out. Finally he would drive off and left. Brother Ngoni and I were not wine-imbibers,smokers, or anything related to that. We still remained the Christians we are after all the funniest and events of the day. We would drive off back home too. We did not frequent being at Mashishing, although brother said it was good visiting some families and share the smiles, gifts and laughter during these feastive seasons. I had no objections. We would then visit specific families and individuals familiar to him in the newly built and shanty structures of location also adjacent Mashishing. We would bring them bread, milk, some clothes, baby nappies and pampers, washing powder, bathing soaps, salt, sugar, bottles of cooking oil, packets of rice amongst those the basics that would not easily go perishing even when they are outside refrigerated conditions. We would leave them an invitation to join us be it Christmas and or New Year’s Day.


This was Ngoni for me. A man I had enjoyed open Braai with both at home and away from home as we ‘treated’ ourselves to the best of holidaying and festive season in company of friends and relatives. The experiences are still alive and fresh especially on Christmas when our whole family together sat ourselves comfortable in the big family car – Fortuner, and chauffeured to a venue we had decided to do the real party of seasons. Visitors; friends and relatives from as far as Cape, Port Elizabeth, and Johannesburg had finally arrived. It was a big banquet as we took it to open braaing pork, chicken, beef amongst the selected while the women running catering were busy in their seasoned attire preparing delicious dishes. Those wining had their crates of drinks and share of cheers. Those addicted in less ‘sophisticated’ drinks also had their own shares. We ate, we drank, danced, until our mouths, tummies and legs ached respectively. The funny times of jokes, performance of poems, storytelling and sharing were not spared. We were recorded live as we performed in audio and in video.


Now it was brother Ngoni’s audio to me. The day was 1st of December 2017. “What really can this be?” I thought. “I know he had been complaining about his boss going extreme and somewhat growing his hatred against Zimbabweans working at this Company in South Africa. Could it be so? Then if so, then does it mean brother Ngoni entered open rebuke, loggerheads and altercation with his boss?” I pondered. “Is it that my brother lost patience and failed to control his tempers? Isn’t this audio meant to inform me that he resigned from his company?” I was getting so worried. “What is it now? But whatever it is, brother Ngoni has formed his own company, it will be his opportunity therefore to concentrate on activities of his own company.” I said as I clicked for the second time, the download icon for it to start download.


I tapped the play on button. I played it all. I repeated it. This time more carefully and attentively as not to miss any word. It was brother Ngoni’s voice of seeming things are not well between us and there came the cause of it. “My Christmas gift!” Exclaimed the voice, ecstatic in emotional joy. “Oh my God!” I exclaimed in utter surprise as I threw mobile on my bed to join him in this contagious joy of happy festive season.


Cecil Jones

Cecil Jones Myondela known among his legions of fans, readers, and fellow writers as Chenjerai Mhondera is a POET, script writer, short story writer, novelist, author, performing poet (artist), song composer, dramatist (actor), and comedian. He has graced numerous functions both in his country and outside. Performs poems on different functions, social ones such as weddings, graduation and birthday parties, Christmas and New Year parties strictly when booked to perform on such functions. He can be booked for road-shows and awareness campaigns to move cause for individuals, corporations and the likes. He comes from the East and is a citizen of the World.




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