POETRY | We Got The Wind Of It by Olatubosun David

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We Got The Wind Of It



We got the wind of it

How first from the village of Nazareth the truth spreads

Then to the synagogue

To the streets of Jerusalem and environs, Samaria

And to Calvary

He left no stone unturned

We heard it; we believe it, blessed are we


The truth is that they hated the truth but

Embraced the prevalent wickedness and violence

He came to subdue


There has been injustice and prejudice

Hostility and oppression in town

But there has been a prophecy concerning a virgin

And a child

And it came to pass after it came to pass

That the wind came first from the three

To the king, to the street

About a new child who has come to die

And there we heard the wailing in the street

The wailing of helpless women

Whose sinless children have been slain


 But both the oppressed and the oppressor

Need a Messiah and nothing else

Who must be arrested, oppressed and slain

To liberate them from their oppression

Therefore the messiah gave himself and

His stainless blood paid for their wickedness


For His death is our life

Empty tomb is our pride

The scar of nail is our confidence

His ascension is our hope

Olatubosun David

Olatubosun David (born December 27, 1980, in Ilupeju Ekiti, Ekiti State) is a Nigeria writer. He graduated from Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State (in 2013). He studied Office Technology and Management but has special interest in poem writing. Most of his works condemn moral decadence and religion perverseness.




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