SEXUALLY PURE by Timilehin Adigun

Adigun TimilehinPastor Timlehin Adigun is a renowned preacher from Nigeria. He Pastors the The Ark Church, Lagos, Nigeria and he is the founder of MINE Teenage Ministry a ministry which has the mission of raising teenagers to be like Jesus in Word and in Deed (John 14:12).

He is dedicated to raising Teenagers and Young Adults and he believes in a Sexually Pure Generation. He host a program annually tagged “WORLD VIRGINITY DAY” where sexual purity is Advocated which takes places in several parts of Nigeria and countries such as Ghana, Ukraine and United States.

I once said this of Pastor Timilehin Adigun and his wife Titilope Adigun in a review I wrote a couple of years back

Timilehin and Titilope Adigun are succeeding not only in raising a sexually pure generation but also a scriptural disciplined future leaders, engaging them on the soccer pitch of Christianity, building them with technical biblical tactics on how to defend their dignity, keep their goal and strike them towards purpose – taking charge of their future.


He shares what he called his shortest and arguably his most intense talk on SEX at BALL 2017.  He posted this on his Facebook account recently. You should download, listen and share with  Teenagers and Young Adults around you.


timi Adigun

I gave my shortest and arguably my most intense talk on SEX at BALL 2017.
Please click to download.
As for my picture 😀😀😀
This picture was taken a few weeks to my wedding, a few days to the 1st World Virginity Day.
We are raising a new generation of people who are not ashamed and refuse to be stigmatized or bullied because they are VIRGINS.
We encourage virgins to stay strong and maintain their values and we encourage those who have made mistakes to make amends. We are a movement of both virgins and non-virgins. We condemn NO ONE!
Our ultimate goal is to see a sane and decent world in a few years to come…where our children, right from nursery school see sexual purity as a CHOICE they can make without feeling insecure about it.


Tola Ijalusi