Dad’s Call by Aina ‘Mayowa Pema


DAD'S CALL by Aina Mayowa PEMA


I try as much as possible to minimize calling my parents for my needs but each time I do, usually my dad says he’d get back to me. For instance, my mates who aren’t privileged in this regard are running around looking for ways to meet the deadline for a school fee, I don’t have it, yet they see me very relaxed. They are even worried and afraid for me, yet I stand. My dad works it out in his way, without any contribution from my side, and just at the right time before the deadline, I get the fee paid and this with extra change left. No stress on my part, no worry, no fear, no doubt. Why is this? I believe when my parents say they’ll handle it, despite they are human, they ALWAYS deliver. I don’t know how they go about it, I don’t ‘feel’ like they are working on it. I just know. It’s a knowing, not a feeling. Even now that it seems like I’m getting baby steps into financial independence as a young man, they still want to be responsible for my needs. I mean they’ll know I have enough with me yet they’ll still want to top it up, and it’s not like they have much, they just chose the path to giving into me as an expression of their sincere love. They’re the best in the world!

The bible says mothers will never in any way forsake their babies and then the scripture went on to say that even if they do, the Lord God will never forsake his own children. Think about this. We go through a lot of hardship because we do not take our issues to God, and even when we do, we are very much still in anxiety as in whether he heard or not, and that if he heard, will he answer?

It’s basic to know that when you become born again, you now belong to a family. You’ve fulfilled the criteria to being a son in the family of God by simply accepting and confessing that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and believing in him as your lord and saviour. You become joint heir with him, you are now sitting together with him in heavenly places.

However, a person will act the role of an outsider or at most a servant when there is a defect in their understanding as regards their basic rights and privileges in God. There will be an absolute change in your perspective as to his person when you’ve actually come into the knowledge of the truth. You’d stop seeing God as a deity, or some ruler but as a more phenomenal being. In fact when you have really and truly come to the knowledge of the person that God is, you won’t just regard him as Lord, provider, king, restorer and all that, you’ll see him as much more than that.

A pastor taught it this way.
Imagine a man comes back from work and his kids run to welcome him. The man will wonder what’s wrong with his little children when they welcome him by calling him CEO, Boss, Provider, Instructor and all the so called high ranking names. He’s sure all of those things but his own children, based on relationship shouldn’t be calling him that. There’s a thrilling feeling a father gets when he’s home, tired from work and his kids run to welcome him, calling him “Daddy!!!”

In the real sense of it, nothing else matters to God from you other than genuine relationship with him, it is in this that you surrender everything you have to him and then he changes you, he molds you into what he wants you to be.

The Bible says that God himself is at work in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure, you are not trying to be a better person to be accepted by God, your dad loves you like that and he’s committed to raise you to his standard. He has taken ownership of you. You know what that means? You’re his property. Good parents are committed to raise their baby regardless of the endless midnight crying and smelly poops amongst several other things babies do. They’re committed to see them grow out of that baby state, to toddlers, to teenagers, to adults and to mature adults.

A major problem you might be having is trying to be good so you might be accepted. You are fighting that addiction by yourself, saying I’m too unclean to go before God like this, the truth is God’s in the business of renewal, the Bible says he glories in infirmities and all of the places Jesus showed up when he was alive were places where there were needs, he went about doing good, he left places where the people felt they got it all sorted out.

People who have more of God understand that a relationship with God isn’t something to struggle with, they understand that it’s about stillness. They aren’t running around, doing everything with unsettled minds but they know that the God who started a good work in them is capable of bringing it to the very end.

Regardless of the state you are, stay still in God and worship him there. Build the sinful nature into an alter, where you offer sacrifices of praise to him daily, confessing his goodness, his mercies enduring forever, stating the promises he has made to you, because you’re righteous in him and as you do this, you life begins to transform. Keep your eyes focused on his promise for your current issues. What may be playing out in your life at the moment may be opposite of what he says about you but as you behold the word like you were looking into a mirror, you’re changed into that same image.

See, God’s purpose for you is to lead a significant and fruitful life. Your destiny is way bigger than your brain can actually comprehend. The resources you need cannot be gotten by your skims and strategies. Trust God with your life. For every stage of your life, call Daddy, what am I to do now? What are we doing now? Should I do something, should I do nothing. Relate with Daddy, cry if you need to but trust that they that wait on the Lord, he shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary.

Instead of trying to sort things out by yourself, trust the all knowing God, get out of his way. You can do nothing of your own self. Nothing. The most amazing part is, he’s more than willing to make your life into a masterpiece of glory than you yourself have any idea of. He wants you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

The owner of the universe, God of all creation chooses to call you Son. He said “come on, you can call me Dad”

How does that make you feel Buddy?

Aina Mayowa Pema
Aina Mayowa Pema

Aina ‘Mayowa (fondly called Pema) is a young man who is passionately enlightening & illuminating the world with the light of Godly possibilities. He strongly believes that a connection to God births forth the total life. He has been sent to compassionately make this truth known to all nations of the world; using various divine initiatives. His entire life evolves around this mandate.