​THE PASSOVER! by Ayo-Oluwa Oloyede 

Ayo-Oluwa Oloyede

I was going to beat my son that day and surging into the room, my wife cornered me, eyes laced with tears, on bent knees, pleading for him. She noticed he had slight fever when she touched him before I came in and she knew he wouldn’t be able to bear my spanking at that time. I hardly spank, but when I do, he would bow, not bounce. She won the case! The beating passed over him.

I couldn’t sleep that night as the replay of that episode was beamed in a high definition on my mental touchscreen. I’ve personally escaped many beatings from silly mistakes because my mother prayed for me. Some terrible bills of consequences would have been paid through the nose but for effectual fervent prayers of the women in my life.  My wife has stepped in like Moses’ wife to avert many dire repercussions of negligence.


I celebrate all praying women/mothers today who make strong advocacy for leniency to God on behalf of their children, family and spouses. Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for lifting us up to the Lord. Some of us could stand because you’re always on your knees. Thanks for deflecting the shots fired at us, thanks for the intercessory covers, for the shield of faith, for the bulletproofs et al!


I celebrate Jesus, the Senior Advocate of the Universe. He pleads my matter under the Prerogative of Mercy Act passed into law by the Parliament of Grace. There’s therefore no condemnation, he made the stones to drop from the hands of accusations. It wasn’t a no case submission for lack of evidence, it was an acquittal because He rendered the evidence inadmissible! My case has been decided, I’m discharged and acquitted.

Ayo-Oluwa Oloyede