Searching for God by Barbara Voudouris

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Searching for God


I have seen God,

His quiet outline,

His shadowless breath,

I have seen God,

In the ritual of birds,

In the gentleness of children,

I have seen God,

In the relentless compassion of people,

In the quiet of solitude,

I have seen God,

In the shape of my seeping mind,

In the unnoticed clear eyes of the dying,

And, in the glow of giant trees,

Painted by the fading light.

But it is only because,

God has seen me.



In the field


I am still,

and move only to the rhythm of what is God’s.

It is in this day that I am lifted,

risen with the hues of the eastern sky,

peaceful within,

kindest heart bundled to chest,

thoughts indistinguishable from the melody of birds,

and memories playful as the spring lambs.

For it is in this release

that the quenching glow of life lingers sweetly.

I am rested

within the gentle tides of the early windswept fields,

relenting to the sway of God’s mood.

For it is in this,

my submission,

that I am renewed in this golden garden of rest,

and love,

and heaven come.



A Silly Chat With God


Dearest God of heaven, land and sea,

You’ve created everything, as perfect as perfect can be,

A scape of detail, depth and abounding delicate intricacy,

All is well; rather quite swell, when you walk so close with me,

I just have a little flaw of erratically beating wings within the left of me,

I noticed that my heart is not a standard issue heart you see,

It is not of standard issue muscle, tissue and size so maybe,

I could return this battering ram within my chest in exchange for a heart of normalcy,

Or exchange this form for that of the pink poppy or a whale of the sea,

You see, this heart dear Lord, is beating its way to my demise, towards my looming finality,

Or without such luck, furthermore an adventurous destiny of adequate proportionality,

For one as I does not belong in the trenches of a clay society,

I long for air, a life that’s fair, and if it’s not too much to ask, a part of the awakened and the free.


Barbara Voudouris voluntarily immersed herself in poetry since she was a child, and finally able to study the art last year through the University of South Africa, she obtained a distinction on her final portfolio of work.  Barbara has authored a self-published book of poetry entitled, “A Peculiar Scene”.




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