WE ARE ONE PEOPLE by Tanki Sentsho



Sitting majestically on his chair he must have thought

With his thoughts they must have fought

How do I show off, how do I mirror myself

How do I honour my people

Showing my glory in a riddle

Lavishing them with my creativity

Carriers of my kingdom

Now how, how do I adorn this temple

Dressing it with the beauty of their maker

Every arc of my body embodied

Breaking myself, bragging myself

Entitling every one with a piece of my treasure

They ought to see me

My one creation


We are one people

Galvanized by different shades

Yet been carved by one blade of love

Beings of a same mould from a same moulden

Tongues chanting differently

Sundry intonations yet offsprings of same letters

Different melodies that sound a same inclination

To him we relay fraternal sentiments

We are one people


Seeds laid on a same ground

Baked in a womb, we are all cookies of gestation

Integral pairs of lungs sucking and living a same air

Appetites that relish for same delicacies

Thirsts quenched by mere clear waters

We are one people


He saw it fit that he makes a colour wheel

Hints of blacks, blues, reds, whites, greens

To each hue he birthed his dreams

To execute his plans he allotted teams


Crammed seeds cannot grow

On his land;

He has every specie leeching on it’s peach

But then he knows

He dropped wisdom and minds will know

Understand the significance of trade

See the beauty of a balanced diet

See the fruits of living as one

No vitamin is more vital than the other

But one is less vital without the other

Like fingers stuck to a palm we are one


Every apparel in a closet has fibres

For seasons, seasons bearing many reasons

Hearts that swap through seasons

Yearning to rest on a warm bed of comfort

Hearts scorched by different breeds of pain

Yet soothed by a same rain

A rain of hope, faith, joy and love

We are one people

See the smiles

Every tooth rests cooperatively in it’s pit

I wonder; who dared them never to desert each other

They bite yet you endure,

You never pluck them out

You dread losing a beautiful smile


Now why, why can’t we

Like teeth stand intact and crush the hard

Sit comfortably and tolerably in this mouth

So our one beautiful world can smile

A people of one heart deserving one love

Why can’t we contain it in a palm

Then allow the fingers to tap in

To go on; go on and dress his naked nations



Tanki Sentsho


Tanki Sentsho is a 22 year old born again Christian from Botswana. She is a creative writer and a spoken word poet whose main spring of inspiration is God. Poetess Tanki won first place in the Hiv Aids poetry contest held by Peace Corps in 2013. She also won first place in a Cultural Diversity poetry contest in 2017. She made her first debut performance on the year 2016 at the annual Maitisong Festival poetry slam and has been gracing several events since. Tanki writes to minister, inspire, entertain and feed hunger for word art.