Two Poems by Oladele Babajamu


He scripted the earth
Yes, and moulded the beings,
The one that hanged the planet’s
like a poet hangs is template of verses of poems.


You’re the potter that shaped the clay
Yes, the Potter that  shaped the clay,
from the soulless into a spirit being
Like the driver cranks life into his engine.

The one that holds the sky without pillars
Yes, the one that holds the sky without pillars
And spread the atmosphere like
A man spreads his washed clothes in sunlight.

He fuels the river to accelerate on its course of flow
Oiled the lamp of stars causing it to glow
He breathed life into man for his spirit to be high or low
He’s  positioned moon on the sun causing it to show.

The one that stores water without reservoir
Sending water into our homes without pipes
The audacity of the Almighty’s might.



Atonement is the abstinence from sin

Atonement is the allotment of the Son ship nature of God

Atonement is the attainment of eternal life

Atonement is the soul attachment to Christ

Atonement was supernatural designed by God.


Atonement was done by the man of Galilee

Jesus Christ was decked with the Lord’s grace

He was nailed to the Cross at Golgotha

Resurrected on the third day into eternal glory

Atonement is for cleansing

Atonement is for closeness

Atonement is for choosing

Atonement is for changing

Atonement is for creating Godly relationships

Atonement is for creating good friendship

Atonement is for establishing the son’s Kingship

Atonement is for sanctification of the majestic Lordship

Atonement if for sanctification

Atonement is for substitution

Atonement is for supplication

Atonement is for sacrifice

Atonement is for reconciliation

Atonement is for redemption

Atonement is for restoration

Atonement is for remission

Be a wise Christian

Do not be Church-goers

Accept Jesus the atoner today

To enjoy eternal life after-judgment



Oladele Babajamu on PAROUSIA Magazine
Oladele Babajamu


Oladele Babajamu is a retired Colonel from the Nigerian Army. He has written several military books and literatures in different genres. A Diploma graduate of the Word of Faith Bible Institute, Living Faith Church, Gaa Imam, Ilorin. He has over forty articles published in university, national and international journals and the Nigerian newspaper to his credit. He is happily married to Adenike Babajamu, a Tax Director.


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