Three Poems by Victor Oyelade



Catch me if you can

Tell me, what`s your clan?

Time and Chance did happen

Lines and Pounce made ambles

I am saved

I am graced

You say ‘I`m hot’

I say ‘I`m not’

Don’t compete

Hunt “Complete”

The one with Him is all

The world minus Him is null.





The sea of Humanity looks up to you;

You are her standard,

The shoe of mediocrity is a misfit on you;

Remove it and stand hard!


Impossibility is intangible,

Like a mirage, it is immaterial.

Impossibility is ungrabbable,

Like a mira, it is aerial,

rising as high as the ladder of one`s irresponsibility.

Leap over the aerosol from the “Springboard of faith” with agility.



Enveloped in wonderment’s wide arms

Eloped from wantonness’ s wild harm

Let the glory fall

and Kindle this Holy hall.

Oh no, it won’t fall like from some storey

‘Cos the glory already made the hall holy

The glory is resident within me

His blowing is evident, believe me.

I am the hall, the glory is the third in trinity

I was the fall until the glory befriended humanity

Now I am forever incandescent

For the Spirit is ever efficient.


Victor Oyelade


Victor Oyelade is a Creative Writer, Recreational Speaker and Corporate Trainer. He is the author of the fast selling book “The Soon Coming Age”.
He lives in Ibadan, Nigeria.
He is currently finishing up a Masters in Public Health degree in Nigeria’s Premier University “University of Ibadan”


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