Three Poems by Uduak Uwah


I will never run out of reasons to be thankful

Even as I’ll be living forever, I still won’t

For every breathe I take, am deeply grateful

For without your grace, I wouldn’t

For I could have lived like the flora

But you made me stronger

Or I could have lived like the fauna

But you pitched me higher

For the greatest expression of love

When you stretched your arm from above

To rescue me from an eternal fall

And save me once and for all

There is nothing more satisfying than this

To come to know you is the highest bliss

A spiritual banquet on which I thrive

To be able to please you is the crown of life

For a cluster of friends stickier than blood

Who love me both in action and word

For the courage to hope for what I don’t see

That all your promises shall come to be

Thank you for these and more

Including all that’s yet in store


A faint howl echoing from the depths

Despondently reaching for the heights

A crushed heart groaning and contrite

A remorseful soul seeking solace and respite

From the pain of the crash succeeding pride

Fractured bones enclosed in bruised skin

A moving frame so fragile and thin

A conscience pierced and bleeding

On bended knees, begging and pleading

For mercy, pity and a fresh start

”Grease my wounds and bind my painful spots

Extend forgiveness for your hand is never too short

Grant me peace and the bliss of restful sleep

Reclaim me oh Great Shepherd, for I am still your sheep”



At your breathe of inspiration
The earth swarmed with your productions
With me as the crown of your creations
In paradise, in perfection

Then came temptation
In the company of deception
I nose-dived in damnation
In enmity, in condemnation

While wallowing in desperation
you arranged for my redemption
Paved a way for my reconciliation
Paid the wage for my salvation

Even in the depth of extinction
You held out a resurrection
On the day of restitution
Called me back in resuscitation

Now and then I still lose direction
Push myself into frustration
But when I give you my attention
You still show me affection

Oh the worth of your instruction
With it I buy your protection

Escape from your malediction
To bask in your benediction

Uduak Uwah


Uduak Uwah is an emerging Nigerian poet, essayist, lyricist, and songwriter. Domiciled in Calabar, Nigeria’s first capital and No. 1 tourists’ destination, Uduak also known as Whill employs gripping rhythm and rhymes to convey ‘truths’ pertaining to various aspects of everyday living in stirring poetic language.

He has an ever expanding archive of song demos and lyrics to his credit. You reach him at


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