Three Poems by Kapardeli Eftichia

A Monastery of St John Of Prodromos Lousios Arcadia


Χώροι ιεροί

πνευματική ανάταση ,χώρος ησυχαστηρίου

και  περισυλλογής



Εδώ σκύβω στην ψυχή μου

με βαθιά οδύνη  και αγωνία

στην επικοινωνία μου με

τον Θεό και ανείπωτη ευτυχία


Αγνά βήματα ακολουθώ

αχνάρια αγιασμένα

δεν θέλω του κόσμου

την βιασύνη και την βία


Μαρμάρινες  σιωπές

σε αισθήσεις

θόρυβοι κοσμικοί

σβήνουν εδώ από

μια άλλη μου ζωή



PHOTO IS A Monastery of St. John

Of Prodromos, Lousios, Arcadia




Places of worship

spiritual uplift

a quiet place

and meditation


Here I bend into my soul

with deep sorrow and anguish

in my communication with

God and unshakable happiness


Pure steps I follow

footprints sanctified

I do not want the world

haste and violence


Marble Silence

In senses

cosmic noises

are extinguished here

from my other life


Η ευλογία, η αποκάλυψη


μετά την σιωπή

όταν τα μάτια

όλα σωπαίνουν

στην γη της Χαναάν

η βούληση και η εντολή

Εγώ δεν γεννώ

γεννιέμαι κάθε στιγμή

στην μορφή στην διάσταση

Ω! γιε μου

ανάσα μου

καρπός που ωρίμασε

μέσα στον χρόνο

σε σώμα παραδομένο

Σταματώ τον Ήλιο

γονατίζω ταπεινά

μπροστά στον βωμό

που φλέγεται

σπέρμα φωτός


Οι Σοφοί

στην έρημο συμφιλιώνουν

Ω !!ψυχή μου

στου Θεού το έλεος

η ευλογία

η αποκάλυψη


The blessing, and the revelation


after silence

when the eyes

all silent

the land of Canaan

the will and command

I do not calve

born every minute

in the form of dimension

Oh! my son

My breath

fruit that matured

in time

surrendered in body

Stop the Sun

kneel humbly

front of the altar


sperm light



Desert reconcile

Oh! My soul

in God’s mercy

the blessing

the disclosure



Lord God have mercy on me

The light enters from the window
Darkness captures
as charm  divine
in your eyes the flames awake
they paint the Love

the uninvited impetus

Celestrial antefixes
in the banks of affection
and your beauty
a flower each time

where it opens the petals
in the fire that melts the metals

in the sleep that the dreams seized to me
in notes the music of melody

in the crystal peacefulness of prayer


God is love
from time I gather this gold
Lord God have mercy on me
small worlds of passion
The cold snow
hands melts
in the all horizons

that wear out the weaknesses

Lord God have mercy on me


Dr. Kapardeli Eftichia has a Doctorate from ARTS AND CULTURE WORLD ACADEMY

Born in Athens and live in Patras

She writes poetry, stories, short stories, xai-kou , essays
She studied journalism AKEM (Athenian training center).

He has many awards in national competitions

Her work there is to many national and international anthologies  Has a section at the University of Cyprus in Greek culture is a member of the world poets society. The official website is http://world-poets.blogspot. com / is a member of the IWA (international writers and artists Association) chaired by Teresinka Pereira,had from IWA Certify 2017 as the best translation and  is a member of the POETAS DEL MUNDO

Address Maizonos 229, TK 26222

Phone έως 2610 338248 6973930402



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